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Web Site Solutions
Control of your team site... in the power of your hands.

PSM is a sports-focused web site design & development company who provides front offices with the tools to self-manage their team web sites. Our web-based site management suite, Fan 360°, allows a front office to manage their web site content with zero programming knowledge and gives them complete control 24/7 over their teams online success.

SCM 3.6 (Site Control Manager)

Meet the only full-fledged, turn-key sports web site content manager of its
kind. With simple, intuitive, point-and-click action, your front office can easily
update and maintain your web site with zero programming knowledge
(or programmers bills!)
MCM 2.0 (Merchandise Control Manager)

What colors do you see when you look around your arena or drive around your
teams home town? Get your fans decked out in your gear and increase
team revenues with the Pro Sports Media online store!
ACM 2.0 (Auction Control Manager)

Get your fans into a bidding war over authentic and signed team merchandise
and drive team revenues at the same time! The Pro Sports Media ACM
automates the setup, management and reporting of your teams online auctions.
ECM 2.0 (Email Marketing Control Manager)

Its no secret... your fans live in their inboxes. Communicate effortlessly with
the most sophisticated email marketing platform available, the Pro Sports
Media ECM. With the ECM, you will quickly begin delivering graphical, HTML-based,
special promotions, newsletters, ticket sales, or any other type of
fan communication.
BCM 2.0 (Blog Control Manager)

Start communicating directly with fans in an intimate way via online blogs. Blogging can help you build fan loyalty by letting fans hear it straight from the front office or players in journal fashion. Pro Sports can get your team blogging immediately.

Professional Services:

Need help in setting up your sports organizations web presence? Short on ideas to help drive new revenues or develop fan loyalty? Enlist our professional services group to help with emarketing program development, web site development services or custom application development. Services include:

- e-consulting
- creative & web design services
- custom web development
- web site & email hosting
- email & digital marketing
- audio & video solutions

We're passionate about what we do. Our job is to help you utilize your web site to get and keep fans. The only way we do this is by making you a fan of us. Check out our point of view on our blog. We look forward to helping your team succeed!