Thursday, December 7 2023
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While NBA free agency isn’t the superstar bonanza it once was — partly due to elite players signing supermax deals and then asking for trades rather than entering the free-agent market — there are still some marquee names on the board in the 2023 offseason that will make a significant impact wherever they end up.

James Harden, who was on this list last year, shows up at the top once again, as he can decline his player option and enter free agency. Right behind him is Kyrie Irving, who finished last season with the Dallas Mavericks and enters the summer as a potential difference maker.

Once free agency officially begins on Friday at 6 p.m. ET, it will be difficult to keep track of all the player movement. That’s what we’re here for. If someone agrees to a deal, we’ll get it on the list below, so all you have to do is keep refreshing to stay up to date with all the latest moves.

Happy NBA free agency, and enjoy the madness.

2023 NBA free agency tracker



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