Wednesday, December 6 2023

The NBA offseason comes at you fast. It’s only been two weeks since the Denver Nuggets defeated the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, and the NBA Draft is already in the books as well with 19-year-old French phenom Victor Wembanyama heading to the San Antonio Spurs. But this week, all eyes will be on Texas’ two other NBA markets — among a host of others — as free agency begins on June 30, the date when teams and players can officially commence negotiations.

There isn’t a major, franchise-changing big fish out there in this year’s crop, however there are some potential free agents that could certainly make a difference in the upcoming season. The list is highlighted by James Harden, who was incredibly productive once again for the Philadelphia 76ers. He’s followed by Kyrie Irving, who is a game-changer in terms of talent but has an off-court history that teams simply have to consider.

Outside of the top names, there are also key players who may not make the biggest splash over the summer, but can lead to wins once 2023-24 season tips. Here is a list of the top 30 potential NBA free agents this offseason.

Top 30 Potential 2023 NBA Free Agents



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