Friday, December 9 2022

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End-zone angle shows Matt Rhule was right about missed intentional grounding call

A controversy emerged on Sunday regarding whether Browns quarterback Jacoby Brissett properly executed a clock-killing spike with 13 seconds to play, setting up the eventual game-winning 58-yard field goal. Panthers coach Matt Rhule argued that Brissett committed intentional grounding by not immediately spiking the ball. “I started screaming, ‘Intentional grounding, 10-second runoff, game’s about to [more]

Source: Yahoo Sports


Steph Curry's adorable parenting acronym translates to Warriors' locker room


Steph Curry 'most revered athlete ever' in Bay Area, Marc Spears believes

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MLB Winter Meetings return with prospect of pandemonium on the horizon

SAN DIEGO — It’s another gorgeous, serene day in San Diego, but stroll inside the Manchester Grand Hyatt, there is turbulence and a lobby full of folks running for cover. It’s the annual MLB Winter Meetings, the first one staged since 2019 with COVID-19 and a labor lockout canceling the past two years. Beginning Monday, teams, executives, managers, […]

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Source says Tim Hardaway Jr. would make sense with Lakers

A new source has come out and said that Tim Hardaway Jr. could make perfect sense for the Los Angeles Lakers. In order for a deal to go down this way, it would have to be some interesting decisions that both sides would have to make. For the salaries to match, the Lakers and Mavericks […]

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FOX Bet Super 6: Win Terry’s $100K prize in Week 14 NFL Sunday Challenge

By Erica Renee DavisSpecial to FOX Sports It’s that time of year, folks. You’ve swiped your card an absurd amount of times for seasonal Starbucks drinks. Your calendar is filled with holiday parties, and you need to buy a Secret Santa present for every single one of them. And you’ve said yes to buying something […]

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