Thursday, June 13 2024

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2023 season awards & superlatives, Greg Olsen & Kevin Burkhardt | Zero Blitz

Jason Fitz kicks off this action-packed edition of Zero Blitz with Frank Schwab as the duo give out their end-of-season NFL awards to players and coaches most deserving. After discussing nicknames and reacting to some of the latest news, the duo honor the story of the year, person of the year, ridiculous person of the year, game of the year, saddest fanbase of the year and the top deliveries of the 2023 season (presented by Prime).
Later, Fitz joined by Fox’s top broadcasting duo Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen to discuss the discourse around analytics and the NFC Championship Game before addressing the elephant in the room in Tom Brady reportedly joining the team next year (and what that means for Olsen’s future as a top analyst).
Fitz finishes off the show with former NFL GM Michael Lombardi, who gives us insight on the latest coaching hires around the league, including Dan Quinn to the Washington Commanders (and what the choice says about the power structure in DC), Mike Macdonald to the Seattle Seahawks and more.

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