Friday, December 3 2021
conforto pillar day game home whites high five after W

conforto pillar day game home whites high five after W

The Mets have had a rough go of it – their 7-19 record in May has brought them from a 4.0-game lead to a 7.5-game deficit.

But Michael Conforto‘s pinch-hit, three-run home run on Saturday was the hit the Mets have been desperately needing all month.

It’s only one, but the Mets aren’t counting themselves out just yet.

“It starts with one,” Conforto said after the game. “You gotta look at each day, focus on winning that day. It gets a lot tougher when you look at the standings and you say we gotta win this many games. Just simplify things and just look at tomorrow. We gotta go out there and beat the Nationals. That’s what we’re focused on. We just continue to try to keep it simple, use the momentum from tonight, the energy from tonight to get us up and keep us rolling for that day game tomorrow, and just focus on winning the day.”

Despite losing 14 of their previous 16, and the offense struggling all year, Conforto doesn’t doubt anyone in the clubhouse to get the big hit, and he was pretty hyped that he got it, showing an emphatic fist-pump as it left the park.

“I can tell you those spots, we believe in our guys . We believe that they’re gonna come through, it just hasn’t happened in the last couple weeks. To come through in that spot for my team, coming off the bench, just trying to stay ready, that’s where that emotion comes from,” Conforto said.

Kevin Pillar, who belted two solo home runs of his own, said a comeback win like Saturday’s could “without a doubt” be the catalyst to a surprise postseason push.

“We got the hit we’ve been looking for,” Pillar said. “That brings confidence not only in him, but the rest of the group. We talk about what we want to accomplish – sometimes, you have to see it to believe it, and we were able to accomplish that today. I think our belief in ourself, it takes a win like that for you to fully buy in and see it happen, and you see good things happen, you get positive results, we came up with a big hit, we got great pitching today, we played great defense, it’s just something we gotta build on.”

The Mets hit three home runs on Saturday, something that’s been a rarity for them in 2021 – entering Saturday, their 135 home runs were the fifth-least in the big leagues; their slugging ranked 27th.

“I think it’s something we’ve talked about as a group. I think we showed our ability to hit in the last series. … [San Francisco and Los Angeles] were able to slug. Piecing together innings by getting hits, it’s difficult to do in this game. You gotta be able to hunt damage and gotta be able to come up with some big hits and extra-base hits. It’s a hell of a lot easier to score in this league when you’re able to hit home runs and get extra-base hits,” Pillar said.

What was noticeable about Conforto’s blast, though, is it went to left-center field. Conforto said he is “feeling the best” when he’s going the other way.

“It’s kind of what I came up doing,” Conforto said. “That one felt a little extra special just because it was over there in that little basket in front of the old wall. I’ve been working to try to do that all year, but sometimes, it just takes a little bit longer. Sometimes, you just gotta dial it back a little bit. I think it that moment, I wasn’t trying to do too much. More so just thinking hit a ball hard, drive in a run, ended up going over the fence.”

Now, the Mets have 32 games left to sneak into the postseason.

“Just a great overall team win,” Conforto added, “and hopefully we can make this the start of something special.”

Source: Yahoo Sports


CG: WSH@NYM - 8/28/21


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