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Below is a comprehensive snapshot of where things stand in the Eastern Conference playoff and play-in races entering play on Wednesday. This post will be updated throughout the remainder of the regular season or until all seeds are clinched. 

Reminder on how the play-in tournament works: No. 7 plays No. 8 and No. 9 plays No. 10. The winner of the 7-8 game gets the No. 7 seed, while the loser plays the winner of the 9-10 game for the  No. 8 seed. 

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NOTE: Our SportsLine model, developed by predictive data engineer Stephen Oh, simulates the entire season 10,000 times to produce the most unbiased and precise projections imaginable.

  • 🔒Clinched top-two seed
  • Remaining schedule: vs. Bulls, vs. Grizzlies, at Raptors
  • Current first-round matchup: TBD
  • Tiebreaker vs. Boston: Celtics clinched
  • 🔒Clinched top-three seed
  • Remaining schedule: vs. Raptors, vs. Raptors, vs. Hawks
  • Current first-round matchup: vs. Heat-Hawks play-in winner
  • Tiebreaker vs. Milwaukee: Celtics clinched
  • Tiebreaker vs. Philadelphia: Celtics clinched
  • 🔒Clinched top-three seed
  • Remaining schedule: vs. Heat, at Hawks, at Nets
  • Current first-round matchup: vs. Nets
  • 🔒Clinched top-four seed
  • Remaining schedule: at Magic, vs. Hornets
  • Current first-round matchup: vs. Knicks
  • Tiebreaker vs. New York: Knicks clinched

5. New York Knicks (46-33)

  • 🔒Clinched playoff spot
  • Remaining schedule: at Pacers, at Pelicans, vs. Pacers
  • Current first-round matchup: at Cavaliers
  • Tiebreaker vs. Brooklyn: Knicks currently own via division win percentage

6. Brooklyn Nets (43-36)

  • 🔒Clinched play-in spot
  • Remaining schedule: at Pistons, vs. Magic, vs. 76ers
  • Current first-round matchup: at 76ers
  • Tiebreaker vs. New York: Knicks currently own via division win percentage
  • Tiebreaker vs. Miami: Nets clinched


7. Miami Heat (42-37)

  • 🔒Clinched play-in spot
  • Remaining schedule: at 76ers, at Wizards, vs. Magic
  • Current first-round matchup: vs. Hawks (play-in)
  • Tiebreaker vs. Brooklyn: Nets clinched
  • Tiebreaker vs. Atlanta: Heat clinched
  • Tiebreaker vs. TorontoRaptors clinched

8. Atlanta Hawks (40-39)

  • 🔒Clinched play-in spot
  • Remaining schedule: vs. Wizards, vs. 76ers, at Celtics
  • Current first-round matchup: at Heat (play-in)
  • Tiebreaker vs. Miami: Heat clinched
  • Tiebreaker vs. Toronto: Hawks clinched

9. Toronto Raptors (40-39)

  • 🔒Clinched play-in spot
  • Remaining schedule: at Celtics, at Celtics, vs. Bucks
  • Current first-round matchup: vs. Bulls (play-in)
  • Tiebreaker vs. Miami: Raptors clinched
  • Tiebreaker vs. Atlanta: Hawks clinched
  • Tiebreaker vs. Chicago: Raptors clinched

10. Chicago Bulls (38-41)

  • 🔒Clinched play-in spot
  • Remaining schedule: at Bucks, at Mavericks, vs. Pistons
  • Current first-round matchup: at Raptors (play-in)
  • Tiebreaker vs. Toronto: Raptors clinched



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