Monday, October 3 2022

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The Colts Bolt From Baltimore

It was the night that Colts fans will (bitterly) never forget. On March 28, 1984, 15 moving trucks from Mayflower Transit, an Indiana-based moving company, arrived at the Colts facility at around 10 p.m. Eight hours later, the Colts were gone from Baltimore and bound for their new home in Indianapolis. The Colts had played in Memorial Stadium, a rundown facility. When the irascible Robert Irsay took over the franchise in 1972, he lobbied the city of Baltimore to build him a new venue. His effort

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Yanks minor league manager Balkovec back after facial injury


Sidney Crosby with a Goal vs. Colorado Avalanche

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Nightengale’s notebook: Tony La Russa expected to announce retirement Monday as White Sox manager

It was one of baseball’s greatest feel-good stories,with a Hall of Fame manager coming out of retirement to lead his old team to a World Series title. Only, it didn’t turn out the way it was supposed too. Tony La Russa, who was hoping to lead the Chicago White Sox to the World Series, instead is […]

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What is OPS in baseball? Explaining one of MLB’s advanced statistics and more.

Major League Baseball viewership has gradually declined since its peak in 2007, according to Baseball Reference. Because of what MLB commissioner Rob Manfred calls “organic changes,” the game’s most exciting plays, such as base-stealing, now happen less often, according to Bleacher Report. Strikeout rates have also increased. Hall of Fame reliever Goose Gossage said  in […]

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What do the Boston Celtics hope to get out of signing 33-year-old veteran big man Blake Griffin?

What do the Boston Celtics hope to get out of signing 33-year-old veteran big man Blake Griffin? On one hand, he has lost the explosiveness that got him known on both ends of the court in the first place and the shooting that he used to keep himself in the NBA has seemingly dried up. […]

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