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The 2022-23 season has ended for the Philadelphia 76ers following a Game 7 loss to the Boston Celtics in Round 2 of the playoffs and now is the time for reflection on the season.

The Sixers finished 54-28 and were third in the Eastern Conference behind only the Milwaukee Bucks and the Celtics in the standings. Considering the slow 12-12 start, the season was a success for the Sixers despite the sour and familiar ending.

Now that the season is in the books, now is the time to go back and give a grade to each player on the roster for what they did throughout the season. In this installment, Sixers Wire will look at the young guard Tyrese Maxey after a strong season.


2022-23 final Philadelphia 76ers player grades: James Harden

Maxey’s 2022-23 statistics

20.3 points

3.5 assists

2.9 rebounds

0.8 steals

48.1% field goal percentage

43.4% 3-point percentage

84.5% free-throw percentage

Maxey’s advanced stats

PER: 17.0

True shooting percentage: 60.5%

Assist percentage: 16.9%

Win shares: 5.4


Maxey’s contract


Maxey had a strong season despite being shuffled between starting and coming off the bench after his return from injury. He suffered a foot injury in November and he missed almost all of December as he recovered, but he still put together a solid run.

He played 60 games, starting 41 of them, and he was efficient from the floor. There was a stretch in February when he had some serious ups and downs, but other than that, he was as consistent as they come and the Sixers benefited from his strong play throughout the season.

In Round 1 against the Brooklyn Nets, Maxey averaged 21.8 points and he shot 47.1% from the floor and 50% from deep. He took on a big part of the offensive load when considering the injury to Joel Embiid and the inconsistencies of James Harden. He was a big part of the sweep over the Nets.


In Round 2 against the Boston Celtics, Maxey did average 19.9 points, but his field goal percentage and 3-point percentage dropped to 40.3% and 34.5%, respectively. Overall, he had his struggles against the Celtics as he had some issues getting into any type of offensive rhythm. Boston did an excellent job of stymying him in their matchups.

Overall, Maxey had a very productive season as he continues on his All-Star track. If there were any criticisms, it’s that he needs to be better on the defensive end and he has to add a counter move on offense. When teams stop that initial move on him, he has to be able to have a counter in order to remain productive out on the floor and keep the same efficiency.

Final grade: A-

Story originally appeared on Sixers Wire

Source: Yahoo Sports


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