Monday, December 4 2023

Before Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson ever grappled in wrestling rings or brought characters to life on the big screen, he was a formidable college football player. Now, he’s leveraging his athletic past to propel the future of ZOA Energy, his energizing beverage brand. Recently, Johnson announced his latest venture – a name, image, and likeness (NIL) program known as “The Rock’s Warriors.” This unique initiative invites top-tier college athletes to represent the ZOA brand. Standing tall among the selected athletes is Angel Reese, the phenomenal basketball player from Louisiana State University (LSU).

Angel Reese A Standout Addition to The Rock’s Warriors

With her sterling record as LSU’s shining star, Reese quickly caught Johnson’s attention. The college basketball superstar had an outstanding run in the NCAA championship, where she clinched the Most Outstanding Player accolade.

Besides her athletic prowess, Reese has been recognized for her unwavering commitment to empowering others both on and off the court. This dedication syncs well with ZOA’s philosophy of personal empowerment, making her a perfect fit for Johnson’s innovative NIL program.

“Joining ‘The Rock’s Warriors’ aligns perfectly with my values. ZOA is about putting in the effort, learning from successes and failures, and empowering others – just like I aim to do every day,” Reese stated.

The Rock’s Warriors: A Revolution in Sports Marketing

The Rock’s Warriors is a revolutionary program uniting seven skilled athletes from different sports backgrounds. Besides Reese, the collective includes standouts like Marvin Harrison Jr. from Ohio State and Drake Maye from North Carolina, among others. Johnson has stated that these athletes were handpicked for their energy, tenacity, and the special spark they bring to their respective sports.

In their new roles, the athletes will lead ZOA’s marketing campaigns and craft unique content for social media platforms. They’ll also engage in national and regional retail partnerships and participate in philanthropic events to promote the brand further.

NIL Opportunities: Reese’s Pioneering Position

With this deal, Reese further elevates her status in the NIL market, where she already commands an impressive estimated value of $1.6 million annually. Interestingly, she credits her substantial NIL earnings as a reason she’s not in a hurry to go professional. In an interview with the I Am Athlete podcast, Reese revealed, “The money I’m making is more than some of the people that are in the league that might be top players.”

In the end, the partnership between Angel Reese and Dwayne Johnson showcases how the evolving landscape of NIL rights is opening up unique opportunities for college athletes. As the inaugural class of The Rock’s Warriors, Reese and her fellow athletes stand poised to make their mark in the world of sports marketing.

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Source: Basketball Insider


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