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Curry Brand partnership mutually beneficial for Steph, Fox originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

The mutual respect and admiration Warriors star Steph Curry and Kings star De’Aaron Fox have for one another on the court has led to a fruitful partnership off the court.

Curry officially welcomed Fox to his signature Curry Brand on Thursday, with Fox becoming the first player to join Curry’s Under Armour line.

In a joint interview with ESPN’s Malika Andrews on “NBA Today,” Fox shared why he decided to join Curry’s brand.

“I’m extremely excited about the opportunity he’s given me,” Fox said. “Obviously, individually I want to grow, but also I want to help his brand as well. There’s a mutual respect and mutual agreement that we have. We want to be able to grow this together.”

Curry has a mutual appreciation for Fox and is excited to see what the young Kings star can bring to the table with his skyrocketing name recognition.

“This is definitely a special occasion,” Curry explained. “I’ve been rocking Curry Brand since 2013 and Curry Brand has been in existence since 2020. But to be able to partner with somebody like D Fox while we’re still competing, while we’re still battling. So for me, to be sitting next to him and to understand what this opportunity really means and allow him to take it and run with it is a dream come true for me. There’s no better guy than him.”

Fox dawned Curry’s signature shoe throughout the 2022-23 NBA season and even when he and the Kings faced off against their Northern California rivals in the first round of the playoffs.

“Throughout the playoffs, this would happen a lot,” Fox shared. “Our team would show the shoes and they’re like ‘Oh, you’re wearing Steph.’ I’m like … ‘well, I’m going to bust his ass in his shoes.’ That’s how I’m thinking about it. You see someone with your shoes on, you’re like “I got him.’ Well, what if you see someone with your shoes on and they’re coming at you? It’s kind of a mind game on both sides I feel like.”

Curry and the Warriors defeated Fox and the Kings in seven games, igniting a fiery rivalry between the two teams that should intensify throughout the 2023-2024 season.

While they remain the fiercest of competitors on the court, Curry and Fox are developing a strong partnership off of it.

Source: Yahoo Sports


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