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After the Mavericks‘ 121-115 victory against the Rockets on Monday, coach Jason Kidd attended the press and was surprised to find reporters still trying to find something wrong with the team. After overcoming a 9-point deficit vs. the NBA’s best defensive team, the Hall of Famer wanted to dedicate the conference to talk about all the positives. 

Kidd passionately defended his players as ESPN’s Tim MacMahon tried his best to question his star’s performances. The former player wasn’t having any of it, and requested some positive coverage of the team’s recent success before storming out of the conference room.

The Dallas trainer wanted more emphasize on his squad’s growth. “Maybe it’s the things that you thought would happen day one, that they should be successful right off the bat. It takes time. Failing is alright,” Kidd started out.

“It’s not a bad thing to fail for an athlete because you better learn from it,” he assured. “Those two are the best in the world, and we feel very comfortable with them having the ball. Sometimes it goes in, sometimes it doesn’t, but we learn from it. As you mentioned, they’re one of the best duos in clutch time.”

Kidd strongly believes that despite all the pre-season predictions of them missing out on the playoffs again, the team’s star duo are proving everyone wrong. “It was something you guys wanted to make a big deal of last year, but not making a big deal about it this year because s**t is going good,” he added. “So, write some positive s**t. I’m giving you a f***ing answer. It’s alright to write positive stuff.”

“People will read your positive s**t. You don’t always have to be negative. The world is already negative enough, right? Let’s see some positive stuff on positive people who are doing their jobs on a nightly basis. We’re only into this year, we can’t go back to last year. That’s the f***ing problem. Have a good night,” the coach concluded.

Both Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving combined for 68 points on Monday, as the Mavericks are recording 11-6 and standing atop the Western Conference’s Top 5.

Coach Kidd explains why we shouldn’t take Luka Doncic for granted, as he just fell short of his 59th career triple-double

Not only did Luka Doncic display his third 40+ point performance of the season so far, he also added nine rebounds and nine assists to his stat line, barely falling short of his 59th career triple-double. His coach Jason Kidd reminded everyone not to take him for granted.

“Sometimes we take him for granted, and we shouldn’t,” shared the Mavericks trainer. “He’s about winning, but it just so happens he’s a walking triple-double.”

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As for Houston, who had rising star Alperen Sengun produce his season-best 31 points and had six scorers in double figures, were praised by their own coach.

“I told the team, ‘Played well enough to win, not smart enough to win,’” Rockets coach Ime Udoka expressed. “We were extra-aggressive, especially at the end of the third quarter. Had multiple players make a few dumb fouls, put Kyrie at the line and got him going when he didn’t have a lot going. You can be aggressive, obviously, but slapping somebody on a 3-point shot on the arm is an unintelligent play. It has nothing to do with aggression.”

Source: Basketball Insider


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