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Dallas Mavericks player picks perfect time to rock kelly green Kelce jersey originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Paging Daryl Morey. Paging Daryl Morey.

We need to get Grant Williams to Philadelphia, stat.

While the Eagles hosted the Cowboys at the Linc, the Mavericks hosted the Hornets later in the day for a little Sunday NBA action.

Only one Dallas team pulled through though … and it sure wasn’t Dem Boyz.

The Mavericks are off to a hot start to the season, sitting just a half-game back from the Nuggets in the Western Conference. With their only loss of the young season coming from the defending champs, the vibes should be fairly high, right?


Following their win against the Hornets, Williams simultaneously got some heat from the city he plays for and became a hot topic of conversation in Philadelphia.

After his 18-point performance, Williams came out for his media availability repping the Eagles.

More specifically — he was rocking a kelly green Jason Kelce jersey.

When prompted about who No. 62 is on the Eagles, he had the perfect response.

“Jason Kelce, you know, best center in the game,” Williams said. “Happy birthday Jason Kelce, too, shoutout on the win.”

Now, this all may seem a little dramatic when you first look at it … but imagine if things were reversed.

Could you imagine Texas native Tyrese Maxey coming out in a Cowboys jersey … ever? Especially if the Eagles had just lost a significant game to them?

The city would combust.

Now, picture being a sports fan in Dallas and your night unfolding like … this.

*A very possible timeline of events that almost definitely happened to a few Cowboys fans (the ones that dont like the Lakers, at least)*

• Watches the Cowboys lose one of the most important games of the season
• Puts the Mavericks on to try and numb the pain
Mavs pull out a win
• Okay, not everything is all doom and gloom, right?
• Let’s try and move on from that loss against the Eagles
• Sits around on phone looking at postgame interviews and … wait, what is that?
• Is that Grant Williams wearing an Eagles jersey? There’s no way
• Begins to plot a way to get him out of Dallas

Seems accurate, right?

It also feels like one of those times to end a post with this — don’t take this blog too seriously. Sometimes it’s just fun and games.

Philly has seen Allen Iverson love the Cowboys, DeVonta Smith love the Celtics and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Now, would *I* have personally worn a jersey from a hated rival in the city after losing to said rival? Definitely not.

But how can you blame him?

The kelly green Kelce jersey is top-tier.

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Source: Yahoo Sports


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