Friday, October 22 2021

The Nets did not leave things on a bad note with former big man DeAndre Jordan. The 33-year-old began to slowly lose a role with the team and fell out of the rotation. Jordan surely still has a lot left in the tank and he was well aware Brooklyn wanted to find the best solution for him.

Now, Jordan will play for the Lakers, but the veteran is grateful the Nets organization worked things out with him.

“Both parties wanted to figure out something that was best for both of us,” Jordan said in a video news conference on Thursday. “I feel like they gave me that respect as a veteran player to be able to understand that I wanted to be able to compete. It just worked better for both of us.”

The Nets were not forced to do this for Jordan, but they knew how much he meant to the organization although he only spent two seasons on the team. The least they could have done was allow the veteran to have more leeway with his future.

Source: Yahoo Sports


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