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Jeff McDonald: All-Star DeMar DeRozan, on the Spurs’ Dejounte Murray: “He should be an All-Star. I wish their record was a lot better. There’s not too many point guards I could pick over Dejounte Murray.”
Source: Twitter @JMcDonald_SAEN

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Jeff McDonald @JMcDonald_SAEN
Dejounte Murray’s assists, last six games: 14, 10, 12, 10, 11, 12 – 5:37 PM

Michael Gallagher @MikeSGallagher
Best eFG% on pull-ups this season (min 100 FGA, 199 qualifiers):
Mike Conley- 59.3
Seth Curry– 55.8
Jrue Holiday– 54.8
Terry Rozier– 54.7
Darius Garland– 53.5
Desmond Bane– 53.0
Tyrese Haliburton– 52.7
Chris Paul– 52.6
Kelly Oubre- 52.1
Kevin Durant– 52.0
DeMar DeRozan- 51.4 – 5:02 PM

Michael Gallagher @MikeSGallagher
Best TS% on drives this season (among top 50 in drives):
Giannis- 66.4
Luka Doncic– 63.1
Jalen Brunson– 61.6
Miles Bridges– 61.5
Malcolm Brogdon– 61.4
DeMar DeRozan- 60.8
Donny Mitchell- 60.8
Zach LaVine– 60.6
Jimmy Butler- 60.3
James Harden- 60
Dame Lillard- 60
Chris Paul- 58.9 – 4:43 PM

Jeff McDonald @JMcDonald_SAEN
Spurs notebook: Detailing more club records for Dejounte Murray, DeMar’s warm welcome back to the AT&T Center and Thad Young’s former coach on the veteran forward’s season full of DNPs expressnews.com/sports/spurs/a… via @expressnews – 4:39 PM

Jeff McDonald @JMcDonald_SAEN
“He’s having a great season … but we’ve got to have four, five, six guys playing well every night.”
As the Spurs were reminded again Friday in beating the Bulls, just because Dejounte Murray can do it all doesn’t mean he should have to.
expressnews.com/sports/spurs/a… via @expressnews – 4:35 PM

Michael Gallagher @MikeSGallagher
Top guys for potential assist per pass made (among top 50 in potential assist):
Chris Paul – 0.34
Trae Young – 0.32
DeMar DeRozan – 0.30
Luka Doncic – 0.30
James Harden – 0.30
Jrue Holiday – 0.29
Dejounte Murray – 0.28
Ja Morant – 0.27
Giannis – 0.27
Brandon Ingram – 0.26 – 3:48 PM

Michael Gallagher @MikeSGallagher
Worst guys for assist per potential assist (among top 50 in potential assist):
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander – 0.43
Anthony Edwards – 0.44
Jayson Tatum – 0.46
Jrue Holiday – 0.46
Ricky Rubio – 0.47
Julius Randle – 0.48
LeBron James – 0.49
DeMar DeRozan – 0.49
Fred VanVleet – 0.49 – 3:40 PM

Michael Gallagher @MikeSGallagher
Leaders in assist per potential assist (among top 50 in potential assists):
Steph Curry- .62
Kevin Durant- .58
LaMelo Ball– .58
Derrick White– .57
Domantas Sabonis– .56
Nikola Jokic– .56
James Harden- .55
Dame Lillard- .55
Kevin Porter Jr- .55
Brad Beal- .55
Dejounte Murray- .55 – 3:36 PM

Sirius XM NBA @SiriusXMNBA
DeMar DeRozan is not Mr. Mid-Range by luck.
3X NBA Champion @Stacey King tells @TermineRadio & @Eddie Johnson no one can be MJ and Kobe, but you can see the similarities in some of the things DeMar does #BullsNation pic.twitter.com/Sk1opKgHuX1:32 PM

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype
Last night in the NBA:
Rudy Gay passed Chris Bosh in scoring 👀
– DeMar DeRozan passed Pete Maravich in assists ❗
Ben McLemore tied Robert Horry in three-pointers ❗❗ – 1:24 PM

NBA Math @NBA_Math
If our RPR MVP Predictor determined the Western Conference All-Star reserves:
G: Donovan Mitchell
G: Dejounte Murray
F: Karl-Anthony Towns
F: Rudy Gobert
F: Anthony Davis
WC: Devin Booker
WC: Chris Paul pic.twitter.com/LvW7cKAtJi10:45 AM

Tom Orsborn @tom_orsborn
Keldon Johnson on facing DeMar DeRozan:
“That’s my big brother, mentor, you know what I am saying? I learned a lot of things from him. It was crazy seeing him in a different jersey. He’s competitive. He was going at it, but we got the win tonight.” – 11:53 PM

Paul Garcia @PaulGarciaNBA
“That’s like my big brother, my mentor. It was crazy seeing him in a different jersey.” – Keldon Johnson on seeing DeMar DeRozan tonight. – 11:13 PM

Rob Schaefer @rob_schaef
Billy Donovan: “When you score 122 points, you’ve got to be able play good enough defense that that’s enough points to be able to win.”
DeMar DeRozan: “We scored 122 points, that’s more than enough points to win.” – 11:11 PM

KC Johnson @KCJHoop
Both Billy Donovan and DeMar DeRozan pointed to obvious. They scored enough (122 points) to win. Defense needs to be better. – 11:09 PM

Darnell Mayberry @DarnellMayberry
DeMar DeRozan on tonight’s Bulls loss at San Antonio. pic.twitter.com/qLiNBHB0vY11:08 PM

Julia Poe @byjuliapoe
DeMar DeRozan on Dejounte Murray: “That’s my little brother. … We’re the same person. That’s a bond that will never be broken.”
Goes on to advocate for Murray to be an All-Star selection. – 11:08 PM

KC Johnson @KCJHoop
DeMar DeRozan on Dejounte Murray: “That’s my little brother, man. I got the utmost love and respect for Dejounte.”
Said he should be an All-Star. – 11:08 PM

StatMuse @statmuse
Dejounte Murray last 6 games:
29 PTS | 9 REB | 12 AST | 3 STL
16 PTS | 10 REB | 11 AST | 2 STL
19 PTS | 5 REB | 10 AST | 3 STL
19 PTS | 9 REB | 12 AST | 1 STL
25 PTS | 12 REB | 10 AST | 1 STL
23 PTS | 10 REB | 14 AST | 3 STL
All Star. pic.twitter.com/9EFadtR8q210:52 PM

Rob Schaefer @rob_schaef
Final: Spurs 131, Bulls 122
DeMar DeRozan scores 32 points in San Antonio return, but Bulls allow 130+ for third time this season. Dejounte Murray led the Spurs charge with 29 points, 12 assists, 9 rebounds and 3 steals
Bulls are 30-18 – 10:50 PM

Julia Poe @byjuliapoe
Final: Bulls 122, Spurs 131
DeMar Derozan (32 points, 8 assists) and Zach LaVine (30 points, 4 assists) both finish with 30+ points apiece, but that’s not enough to offset the Spurs’ offense, which picked the Bulls apart in PnR action. – 10:49 PM

Darnell Mayberry @DarnellMayberry
Final: Spurs 131, Bulls 122.
Not a good night defensively by the Bulls, who allow the Spurs to shoot 52.6 percent and hit 16-of-37 3-pointers.
DeMar DeRozan: 32/5/8
Zach LaVine: 30/4/4
Nikola Vučević: 18/8/4
The Bulls are now 30-18. – 10:48 PM

Darnell Mayberry @DarnellMayberry
Spurs guard Dejounte Murray has done whatever he’s wanted all night against the Bulls’ pick-and-roll defense. He’s got 26 points, eight rebounds and a game-high 12 of San Antonio’s 35 assists. – 10:43 PM

KC Johnson @KCJHoop
That’s DeMar DeRozan’s 13th 30-point game – 10:42 PM

Jeff McDonald @JMcDonald_SAEN
Dejounte Murray checking back in with 9:16 remaining. – 10:23 PM

Paul Garcia @PaulGarciaNBA
Dejounte Murray leads the Spurs with 17 points now.
8 paint points
4 points from mid-range
3 points from outside
2 points from the FT line
Spurs tie the Bulls at 71 all – 9:51 PM

Chuck Swirsky @ctsbulls
DeMar DeRozan with 17 points (8-10 fgs) Coby White off the bench with 15. Bulls up 68-63 at half. Vooch with 10-4-3. Murray 10-5-8-Spurs. – 9:37 PM

Julia Poe @byjuliapoe
DeMar DeRozan drops 17 points in the first half to lead the Chicago Bulls to a 68-63 lead.
Coby White (15 points) hasn’t missed a shot and Vooch (10 point) is looking confident as he builds a solid stretch of games. – 9:31 PM

Darnell Mayberry @DarnellMayberry
Halftime: Bulls 68, Spurs 63.
DeMar DeRozan is putting on a show in front of his former fans (and a lot of Bulls fans) in San Antonio. He’s got 17 points on 8-for-10 shooting.
Coby White has 15 points off the bench and is 6-of-6 shooting. – 9:30 PM

Rob Schaefer @rob_schaef
Stop me if you’ve heard this before: DeMar DeRozan is putting on a midrange clinic – 9:27 PM

Paul Garcia @PaulGarciaNBA
13 points in the first half for DeMar DeRozan, with 8 points from the NON-PAINT TWO – 9:25 PM

KC Johnson @KCJHoop
DeMar DeRozan is the king of drawing the no-landing zone foul. Man, he gets that call a lot. Buries a midrange J in somebody’s face, falls down. Sometimes, the defender did step into his landing spot. Sometimes, the defender didn’t. More often than not, DeRozan gets the call. – 9:24 PM

Rob Perez @WorldWideWob
this sequence…Dejounte Murray just such a menace. at all times. pic.twitter.com/d5kQAgZiW59:24 PM

Darnell Mayberry @DarnellMayberry
DeMar DeRozan tribute video here in San Antonio tonight. pic.twitter.com/BPlfkm984T8:41 PM

KC Johnson @KCJHoop
DeMar DeRozan tribute video pic.twitter.com/aG0cNz9WeH8:38 PM

Tom Orsborn @tom_orsborn
Fans gave DeMar DeRozan a standing ovation after another nicely done Spurs video tribute. Bulls fans, and there are many here, chanted “MVP, MVP.” – 8:38 PM

Mike Finger @mikefinger
DeMar DeRozan returns to San Antonio as an All-Star, an honor he never earned with the Spurs. But he thinks he gained something here, and he’s proving SA was right to believe in him. expressnews.com/sports/columni… via @expressnews – 8:13 PM

Tom Orsborn @tom_orsborn
Pop calls DeMar DeRozan “one of my favorite guys of all time.” – 6:49 PM

KC Johnson @KCJHoop
Spurs coach Gregg Popovich on DeMar DeRozan: “Super human being in every way, shape and form.” – 6:49 PM

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