Monday, March 4 2024

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Grading quarterback/head coach combos with Nate Tice | Zero Blitz

Jason Fitz is joined by quarterback expert and host of the Athletic Football Show Nate Tice to give a unique perspective on how we rank and grade quarterbacks by adding their head coach/playcaller into the equation. Fitz and Nate go through the current playoff bracket and give letter grades for each and every quarterback and head coach combo and determine who deserves more of the credit pie. The duo also discuss some fringe playoff contenders and some of the more interesting combos on bad teams.
Later, Fitz is joined by former NFL GM Michael Lombardi to discuss David Tepper’s ownership style and the future of the Carolina Panthers, Brandon Staley and whether it’s time for the Los Angeles Chargers to move on and how a quarterback’s likability in the locker room can indirectly define their success.

Source: Yahoo Sports


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