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Charles Barkley has been one of the most outspoken personalities in basketball ever since he became a star player back in the 90s, and afterwards as a broadcaster and analyst. On his recent appearance on “The Bill Simmons” podcast, he talked about everything from NFL, boxing, and of course, modern basketball.

Once the course of the conversation shifted to the NBA, they talked about which athletes were truly destined to become all-time greats in the current game. Even though the Hall of Famer recognizes most superstar’s game, he’s grown especially fond of some international players who enjoy their status without drama.

The former baller couldn’t help but praise current champion with the Nuggets Nikola Jokic and Bucks foward Giannis Antetokounmpo for the way they’ve handled winning NBA rings.

“With all the BS that goes on in the NBA, what the Nuggets and the Joker accomplished just made me feel good, man. No super teams, no drama. Joker and Giannis, they make me feel good about my sport,” Barkley said about both players, after they won the 2021 and 2023 championships.

The Denver franchise waited patiently for over 55 years to earn their first ever NBA title, and have never been at the center of any huge drama. Their main man, Jokic, celebrated the victory with his teammates, but was always modest about it and respectful against the opposition’s players.

As for the Milwaukee squad, they’ve also taken a similar route to the top. Back when Giannis conquered his only championship trophy, he gave one of the most humble speeches in NBA history, drowning in tears of gratitude after he was handed the MVP recognition.

The Hall of Famer shared his view on how Steph Curry would perform during the “Bad Boys” era

Just as he praised both the Greek Freak and the Joker, two of the biggest European stars in the league, he couldn’t help but share his take on basketball greats like Stephen Curry, who recently proclaimed himself the best point guard in history.

According to the ESPN host, the Warriors athlete wouldn’t fare in the “Bad Boys” era, back when Isiah Thomas and the Detroit Pistons ruled the NBA.

“As much as I love Steph Curry, and I love Steph Curry, can you imagine if the bad boys would beat the hell out of him?” Barkley asked, referring to how physical the game was.

“If you think that he could take those blows that John Salley, Dennis Rodman, Bill Laimbeer. Those body checks that they were putting on Michael [Jordan], and Scottie [Pippen], and myself and guys like that you really think Steph Curry wouldn’t break?” he said.

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The Golden State star recently went on the “Gil’s Arena” podcast and accepted that saying he was the best point guard ever opened a complicated conversation, especially considering Magic Johnson’s career, but that this is precisely why these debates are so fun to engage in.

“I obviously had to answer that way,” he admitted. “But I really feel like, to your point, Magic’s résumé is ridiculous. so the fact that we are even having this conversation is a place I never thought I’d be. But the fact, to your point and how you grade it, this is why we have these conversations because it’s fun.”

Source: Basketball Insider


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