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It seems that the NBA is the most expensive basketball spectacle in the world, as not even the FIBA World Cup tickets can compare to the league’s prices. Yes, it’s true that the US tournament has dedicated to build itself more as an entertainment industry than a sport competition, and that has had its’ long-term consequences.

According to deputy event director of the Philippines Organizing Committee Erika Dy, ticket prices for the upcoming 2023 World Cup were decided based on the “inputs of different groups”. Even though they’ll have virtually the same production value and competition level, they are far more affordable than those of NBA games.

Dy attended the press this Wednesday during the recent Invitational Games, which served as the official FIBA test ahead of the international competition.

“It was based mostly on concerts because they view this as a global event, which it is. To be honest, when you look at it, they’re much cheaper than the NBA,” she said.

Take a look at the list of selected Asian arenas that have been chosen in Japan, Indonesia and Philippines to host the FIBA World Cup:

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However, not all prices during the international competition will be the same. For example, to watch Team USA play will be a bit more expensive than other games of less attraction.

This comes as no surprise, as the United States is the clear favorite to win the tournament, and have already announcement the commitment of some All-Star players and other rising stars such as Anthony Edwards, Tyrese Haliburton, Brandon Ingram, Jaren Jackson Jr., Jalen Brunson, Mikal Bridges, Cameron Johnson, and Paolo Banchero.

“It’s a matter of our marketing team making the public realize that this is at par with NBA games which are far more expensive,” Dy explained.

According to Grant Hill, we can expect world class entertainment from his experience attending games at the Philippines

Back in March, Team USA managing director Grant Hill attended basketball events in the Philippines and couldn’t hold his excitement over their conduct of the contests, which he assures included complete entertainment experiences.

“I was absolutely blown away in Manila. I went to games, I think it was the Astrodome, the PBA, it felt like I was in the NBA. The in-game entertainment was identical to what we did at that time at the NBA, thousands of people were camped out,” he recalled.

During this past Wednesday’s Invitational Games, the events rehearsed in-arena entertainment such as halftime performances, raffle contests for the audience, and even t-shirt tosses.

“I saw during the pre-game that they were shooting t-shirts and the music was alive. I think the mascot had some of the best dance moves I’ve seen in a while. I think just keeping that same energy, keeping everyone involved is going to do wonders for all of the attendees, especially when Team USA is here,” Ben Phillips said about yesterday’s activities.

Source: Basketball Insider


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