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Haley Cavinder stunned the college basketball world after she announced she would be returning for her final year of eligibility. Earlier this year, the Cavinder twins, Haley and Hanna had planned to forego year 5 after graduating from Miami.

On Monday, Cavinder revealed she committed to playing at TCU for her final year of eligibility. She shared the exciting news on her Instagram posing in a TCU uniform captioning it “the last rodeo #committed.”

Haley Cavinder Returns to College Basketball and Commits to TCU

The Cavinder twins were two of the biggest stars in women’s college basketball last season. They played three years together at Fresno State before transferring to Miami and leading the Hurricanes to the Elite Eight. They graduated in 2023 but still had one more year of eligibility to play basketball due to COVID-19.

While they both announced that they wouldn’t be playing this season, Haley fought with his sister to make her return in a TCU uniform. The Cavinder twins were among the biggest beneficiaries of the NCAA’s NIL policies, landing among the highest-paid athletes in college sports.

During the pandemic, the twins were able to capitalize on their fame on TikTok, Instagram, and more. Together on their TikTok account, they have 4.5 million followers, which has allowed them to make deals with Champs, WWE, LifeWallet, and more.

Despite her business success, Haley will be in a TCU uniform in the fall. She was a second-team All-ACC selection in Miami, averaging 12.2 points, 4.9 rebounds and 2.5 assists. She was a part of Miami’s Elite Eight run, alongside her sister.

The twins had plans of joining the WWE but Haley missed basketball and decided to jump in the transfer portal for her final year.

“It comes from a foundation of she misses basketball more than anything in the world and as it approaches another season, even more so. She is going to hop in the portal. She’s 100% making her return to college basketball,” said Haley’s agent Jeff Hoffman.

Cowboys’ TE Jake Ferguson Had Part to Play in Cavinder’s Choice

There are rumors that Haley Cavinder is dating Dallas Cowboys tight end Jake Ferguson. With Haley playing at TCU, the pair will be near each other during their athletic seasons.

According to reports, Cavinder and Ferguson have been dating since September.

Last month, Ferguson posted an Instagram story with Haley at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth during the Cowboys’ bye week.

Source: Basketball Insider


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