Saturday, February 24 2024

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Start-bench-cut with Austin Gayle, Cowboys vs. 49ers preview with David Helman | Zero Blitz

Jason Fitz rounds out the week with a loaded episode of Zero Blitz. The Ringer’s Austin Gayle joins first to discuss his survivability rankings of every trap in the SAW movies and the future of the Las Vegas Raiders before the duo play a game of start one, bench one, cut one featuring rookie quarterbacks, 1-3 teams, head coaches and the top AFC and NFC powerhouse teams (plus a bonus Taylor Swift luxury suite round). Next, Fitz is joined by Dallas Cowboys expert David Helman to preview the game of the week in the Cowboys @ the San Francisco 49ers. Fitz and David discuss what led to the loss to the Arizona Cardinals and how Kyle Shanahan could look to that game as a clue, how the Cowboys get the win and what their expectations are for Sunday night. Later, Fitz is joined as always by VSiN’s Michael Lombardi to talk about the things nobody else is talking about: Josh Allen and the new Buffalo Bills offense, Joe Burrow and the affect on the Cincinnati offense, Anthony Richardson and Matthew Stafford’s comeback season.

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