Thursday, November 30 2023

This past weekend, Dwayne Wade became a part of the 2023 class that was inducted to the Naismith Hall of Fame, and as the days go by, the Heat legend still can’t believe this happened.

“I’ll have to take a little time away once I leave this weekend and really sit out on the beach somewhere and just look around and be like, ‘What? Me? Huh?’” the three-time NBA champion said this week. “I’m still that kid that don’t even understand why I’m here.”

One of the most special moments of the ceremony was when the former Miami star called his father to the stage while he was giving his speech to honor him in front of the whole crowd.

“I started this off thanking you, and I want to end it the same way,” he told his father during his inductee speech. “I owe you a debt of gratitude that I will never be able to repay. When I would cry and say, ‘I can’t,’ you made me go harder. You pushed me to limits that I didn’t know were inside of me. The hard work I put in is because I didn’t want to let you down.”

The former athlete then added that he and his father Dwyane Tyrone Wade not only carry “same exact name”, but always shared “the same exact dream.”

“To know we hustled all the way to the Basketball Hall of Fame is God’s will. So pops, I know your knees are a little sore, but will you join me on stage as we take our rightful step into basketball heaven?” he said.

His father then slowly walked on stage and recieved a kiss on his head from his son, as Wade explained that the honor was “for my father.”

Wade not only honored his dad, but his entire family for being his biggest inspiration during his NBA career

Wade’s introduction was probably the most emotional of them all, considering how he dedicated his speech to praise everyone around him in a very loving manner. When he directed towards his wife, things really hit home.

“And my wife Gab, would you please stand. Thank you for making our house a home,” he said. “Thank you for making sure our kids feel seen, heard and protected when I’m not around. Thank you for learning every ref’s name in the NBA and for screaming at them so I didn’t have to — saved a lot of fine money.”

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Take a look at the video that the Hall of Fame prepared for the 41-year-old in the link above.

“I know I’m traveling for work this year during our anniversary, so I want to say, thank you for being on this journey for me — with me, these past 15 years. Thank you for learning to love my imperfections, just as much as we enjoyed and love the moments of perfection. I love you,” Wade thanked his wife.

Source: Basketball Insider


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