Wednesday, November 29 2023

Yahoo Sports’ Vince Goodwill and Ben Rohrbach examine what Miami’s counter to Denver’s dominance so far in the series could be.

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Video Transcript


VINCENT GOODWILL: Miami could win game 5, right. It would be very Miami of them to win game 5. Like Eric Spoelstra in his post game was all feisty and Spo like and saying, we just got to get this back to the 305. Like you didn’t just lose the last four games on your home floor. All right, cool. Let’s go with that, Spo. You got to get it back to the 305. All right. Cool. You got to get it back here for game 6. OK, cool.

Can they get it back? Is there a route? Is there a way for them to get it back, other than Jimmy Butler going super [INAUDIBLE] or Bam Adebayo, or one of those shooters finally coming alive and doing it on the road like they did in game 2. Is it playing smaller? Is there a counter to anything strategically that Denver puts up that Miami hasn’t necessarily exploited to this point?

BEN ROHRBACH: I mean, it does feel like they’ve sort of run out of counters at this point. But yeah, I mean, I think there’s a way they can win. They certainly won’t be the team that’s like ready for vacation. They will come and they will play their ass off.

And I mean, I think it’s just a matter of whether their shooters makes a ton of 3’s.

VINCENT GOODWILL: A make or miss league, right?


BEN ROHRBACH: You know, I mean, I pretty much think that’s their chance. But with having to win three, I think is, it’s a wrap.

VINCENT GOODWILL: Their thinking is, we’ve got to win one, which is exactly what the Celtics– maybe we need a Jaylen Brown quote sheet that says don’t let us win one game, and then we wind up being back in Denver for game 7 or something, right. And then we wind up going right into the draft and everything else and nobody has a bleeping golf season because Miami decided to make this series a week longer than it should have.

But I don’t know much more that they can do aside, maybe divine intervention.

Source: Yahoo Sports


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