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After losing the NBA Finals to the Nuggets last season, the Heat have remained one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference so far this campaign. The South Beach club has kept their title-contending status despite the fact that their main star Jimmy Butler has missed eight of the squad’s last nine contests.

As the guard endures a toe injury and isn’t expected to play for the rest of the week, the press started to wonder if he’s going to be selected for the All-Star and All-NBA recognitions as he keeps piling up absences.

When asked about it, Butler responded in a way that according to fans, sums up Heat culture. “What you think? You think I’m worried about some reward? The only reward I give a damn about is those banners over there. That’s all I told Spo, I told Pat…I’m going to help us get that.” he told the Miami Herald.

The Miami star took the opportunity to speak out for the first time since he suffered his injury. “It’s getting better,” Butler shared. “I’m moving a little bit better. Still have a couple more days obviously so we can get tolerable pain in it and I’ll be ready to go.”

Jimmy then revealed that he’s not sure if his toe injury is related to the calf injury he suffered last month.

“I don’t know,” the 34-year-old said. ‘The trainers may think so. I don’t believe in luck all the time. Stuff happens. We’re doing everything we can to get me back on the floor. I’m moving better. I can break a little sweat.”

The player then mentioned that young players like Jaime Jaquez Jr. and Nikola Jovic can help out the team in his absence. “I knew that would happen,” Butler expressed. “They’re gonna help this organization for a long time after I’m gone.”

Reports suggest that Erik Spoelstra agrees on a long-term contract extension with Heat

According to recent reports, Erik Spoelstra has reached a new understanding with the Miami franchise to continue on a contract extension for years to come. This way, he ensures to remain the longest-tenured coach in Heat history, as he hopes to continue breaking team records in the future.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski shared that the deal is worth more than $120 million for the trainer who was 24 when he first arrived in Miami as a player. Now, the 53-year-old has three NBA championship rings, two of them conquered as head coach.

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“We’re about the sweat and the grind,” he said before this current season started. “It’s about when nobody’s watching. We have a saying at the Heat: ‘There’s a beauty in the grind, there’s a beauty in the sweat.’ That’s about what happens behind the scenes.”

As Spoelstra passed Pat Riley as Miami’s win leader back in 2017, he detailed the secret behind his extended success in Florida. “We’ve had incredible stability and consistency over the years,” Erik expressed. “I’ve been very fortunate to work for who I work for.”

Source: Basketball Insider


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