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Dave Early @DavidEarly
“He’s impacted so many lives…. He’s more than just a coach to me and to countless others. He recruited me when I was 16, 17 years old, I thought the guy was brilliant but I thought he was a little crazy.”
-Kyrie Irving talks about Coach K’s Duke legacy pic.twitter.com/gwdxFUgktf11:23 PM
Dave Early @DavidEarly
Kyrie Irving on the Bucks being “reckless.”
“That’s who they are but I just think it was just reckless sometimes.”
He had a similar comment back in Jan. about how he got hurt in last years playoffs.
#netsworld pic.twitter.com/550wvBFuMj11:09 PM

Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer
Kyrie Irving is looking forward to Duke-UNC this weekend. Thinks the Blue Devils are going into the game with a “redemptive” attitude, but doesn’t think Coach K’s legacy lies on the game. – 11:01 PM
Dave Early @DavidEarly
Kyrie Irving describes the Bucks reckless plays as being in the way at times when it’s an easy play to avoid. Didn’t want to get into individual plays but says we can all observe. – 11:00 PM

Dave Early @DavidEarly
Kyrie Irving says he thinks some of the Bucks fouls were reckless. Adds not all but some. He understands that’s part of who their team is but some were reckless. – 10:58 PM
Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer
Kyrie Irving said he thought the free throw disparity was a major difference in the game. Said the Nets deserve some blame, perhaps the refs do, too. His bigger problem was the Bucks were “reckless at times” with a few of their fouls. – 10:58 PM
Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
Kyrie Irving also says,
“I think one of the stats that really stands out are the free throws — That’s one thing we can control better.” – 10:57 PM
Matt Williams @StatsWilliams
To cap off the month of March, DeMar DeRozan recorded a 50-point game.
There have been 9 50-point games this month from:
Kyrie Irving (2x)
LeBron James (2x)
Saddiq Bey
Kevin Durant
Karl-Anthony Towns
Jayson Tatum
DeMar DeRozan – 10:57 PM

Chris Mannix @SIChrisMannix
Be interesting to see how the top teams maneuver in the final week. That third seed feels like the most desirable place to be. Who wants to potentially battle KD and Kyrie in the first round? – 10:19 PM
Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer
Final: Bucks beat the Nets 120-119. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving combine for 51 with each playing 45 minutes. Nets are now in three-way tie for eight seed and head to ATL on Saturday in a game that could determine where they end up. Hawks tied with them. Coverage coming. – 10:17 PM

Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
FINAL OT: Nets 119, Bucks 120
Kevin Durant (26 PTS, 11 ASTS), Kyrie Irving (25 PTS), Bruce Brown (23 PTS) & the Nets tap into lose a game that went all the way down to the wire. The Nets took 8 more shots than the Bucks, but they couldn’t capitalize. – 10:16 PM
Tommy Beer @TommyBeer
There are like two human beings on earth who can sorta bother KD and Kyrie when they have the ball on offense – and they are both on the Bucks (Giannis and Jrue) – 10:09 PM

Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
FINAL: Nets 110, Bucks 110
Kyrie Irving (25 PTS), Bruce Brown (21 PTS), Kevin Durant (20 PTS, 11 ASTS) & the Nets are putting on 1 of their BEST performances of the year. Giannis Antetokounmpo (42 PTS, 11 REBS) is GOING OFF, but he’s the ONLY Milwaukee player shooting over 50%. – 10:00 PM

Nick Friedell @NickFriedell
Giannis hits an unbelievable three to tie the game — KD misses a jumper after Giannis come over to double. We are headed to overtime tied at 110. Giannis has 42 and 14. KD and Kyrie have combined for 45 — they are both at the 40 minute mark. – 9:59 PM

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
Kevin Durant just hit the same shot he hit against the Bucks to send Game 7 into OT. Only this time it’s a 3. Then the Nets force a turnover, and Kyrie finds KD for an alley-oop.
Nets lead 108-99 with 3:52 to go in the 4th quarter. – 9:37 PM
Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer
End of the third quarter: Bucks lead the Nets 87-86. KD with 13, Brown with 17 and Kyrie with 20. Khris Middleton and Jrue Holiday are a combined 7-for-20, but the Nets have yet to find a way to slow down this Giannis fella. – 9:11 PM
Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
End of 3rd QTR: Nets 86, Bucks 87
Kyrie Irving (20 PTS), Bruce Brown (17 PTS) & the Nets are losing the battle on the boards 29-38. Fortunately, they’re putting on a show from behind the arc, shooting it at 54%. Defensively, they’re holding Milwaukee to 28% shooting from there. – 9:11 PM

Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer
Nets lead the Bucks 73-68. Kyrie Irving with a 3 off a Patty Mills steal. Brooklyn has been scrappy tonight. Bruce Brown with three corner 3s. – 8:52 PM
Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
HALF: Nets 60, Bucks 56
Bruce Brown (10 PTS), Kyrie Irving (9 PTS) & the Nets are allowing Giannis Antetokounmpo to gain momentum. He’s already up to 20 PTS on 8-of-11 shooting. Overall, Brooklyn is getting outscored in the interior 26-16. – 8:28 PM
Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer
Halftime: Nets lead the Bucks 60-56. Good game so far. Kevin Durant with seven points, seven assists and five rebounds. Bruce Brown with 10 and some great defense. Kyrie Irving has been well-guarded by Jrue Holiday. Just 3-for-10. Bucks +10 in the paint. – 8:27 PM

Nick Friedell @NickFriedell
Solid first quarter for Nets — they got balanced scoring up and down roster and are playing strong defense to start. Already up to nine assists as well. Even more impressive given that Kyrie is 0-for-4 in 10 minutes. – 7:57 PM

Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer
Bucks have capitalized on some Nets turnovers. Bruce Brown bobbled a steal right into Pat Connaughton’s hands for a layup. KD lob to Drum ended up with a Wes Matthews corner 3. Kyrie didn’t see a pass coming, ends with a Khris Middleton 3. Milwaukee leads 21-19. – 7:49 PM

Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer
Greetings from Barclays. Nets-Bucks about to tip. Last time they played, Kyrie led the Nets to a win over them in Milwaukee. Last contender on the regular season schedule for the Nets. A measuring stick game of sorts. Updates to come. – 7:28 PM

Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer
Nets starters vs. Milwaukee: Irving, Curry, Durant, Brown and Drummond.
This is the seventh start for this five-man lineup (4-2 record entering tonight’s game). – 7:05 PM
Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
The Nets’ Starters vs. the Bucks:
🧙🏽‍♂️Kyrie Irving
💦Seth Curry
🔒Bruce Brown
💲Kevin Durant
🦍Andre Drummond – 7:02 PM

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