Thursday, December 7 2023

Will Grant Williams be on the Boston Celtics‘ roster come October?

The Celtics forward is set to become a restricted free agent on June 30, but Boston also could offer him a contract extension that would keep him with the team for the next four seasons.

There’s another option, however: The Celtics could give Williams his extension and then deal him to another team via a sign-and-trade. According to The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor, it sounds like that path is a real possibility.

“Sources say the Celtics are exploring ways to bolster the roster, whether it’s a sign-and-trade involving Grant Williams during free agency or something consolidating their plethora of guards,” O’Connor wrote recently.

Which teams could have pursue Williams, either in restricted free agency or the trade market? The Orlando Magic and Indiana Pacers already have been linked to the 24-year-old, and HoopsHype’s Michael Scotto reported Sunday that the Dallas Mavericks have interest in Williams, as well.

If the Celtics are willing to part with Williams, a sign-and-trade would be the better path that allows them to receive assets in return. The Magic and Pacers are just two of seven NBA teams projected to have any cap space this summer, while the Mavs could free up cap space if they move on from Kyrie Irving and Christian Wood.

What Boston could command in return for Williams in a trade remains unclear. The 2019 first-round pick had an up-and-down fourth season, averaging a career-high 8.1 points per game while shooting 39.5 percent from 3-point range during the regular season but playing a reduced role in the postseason, averaging just 17.7 minutes per game with five DNPs.

ESPN’s Bobby Marks recently told our Chris Forsberg that Williams could fetch a new contract worth roughly $48 million over four years, while Substack’s Marc Stein reported in February that Williams was seeking up to $20 million per year. So, there are a lot of moving parts in Williams’ market. But the possibility of Williams changing teams this summer is very much on the table.

Source: Yahoo Sports


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