Sunday, April 14 2024

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2024 Wild Card preview + Carroll and Belichick departures with Frank Schwab | Zero Blitz

Jason Fitz is joined by his trusty sidekick Frank Schwab as the dynamic duo get ready for the first round of NFL playoff games this weekend. Fitz and Frank start off by reacting to the big news of the day: Pete Carroll and Bill Belichick are both no longer head coaches of their respective teams. The duo discuss the fallout of these moves and what could be next for the legendary coaches and their teams.
Next, Fitz and Frank preview every Wild Card game this weekend by asking one big question that will get answered by Monday night. The duo go back and forth on Joe Flacco’s ceiling, Buffalo’s ability to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Los Angeles Rams and their matchup against the Detroit secondary, how bad the Philadelphia Eagles are and much more.
Later, Fitz is joined as always by former NFL GM Michael Lombardi, who gives his unique insight into the end of the Bill Belichick era in New England, as well as his thoughts on the Pete Carroll and Mike Vrabel departures.

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