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During the 2022-23 season, PF Miles Bridges did not play in a single contest. The 25-year-old was dealing with some off-the-court issues with domestic violence. After the NBA made a suspension, Bridges will miss the first 10 games of the 2023-24 season. He signed a one-year, $7.92 million qualifying offer to stay with the Hornets. Bridges went to social media this offseason and said the team should bring back their throwback Bobcats uniforms. Not everyone agreed with that take. 

Miles Bridges is trying to put his past behind him and he’s extremely thankful for a second chance with the Hornets. He had a breakout season with the team in 2021-22. The former first-round pick averaged a career-high (20.2) points per game. Charlotte hoped he would build off that in 2022-23, but his off-the-court issues were more serious.

After the Hornets released the throwbacks they’d be wearing this year, Bridges had his own idea. Fans joked with him on social media yesterday and his take on bringing back the Bobcats uniforms.

Even Hornets fans don’t want anything to do with throwback Bobcats uniforms in the future

There’s a good reason why Hornets fans would not want to bring back the Bobcats throwbacks. From 2004-2014 the team was formerly known as the Charlotte Bobcats. In that time, they made the playoffs just twice and set a league record for the worst win percentage in 2012. One fan said to Bridges on X, “I don’t think they would want to rehash those memories.”

Bridges had a few fans that agreed with him, but a majority did not want anything to do with the Bobcat’s throwbacks. Yesterday, the Hornets unveiled a throwback jersey they will be wearing next season. It will pay tribute to the teams from 1997-2002. All-star PG LaMelo Ball was seen rocking the threads on social media.

The Hornets likely won’t be bringing back their Bobcats throwbacks anytime soon. It’s a great idea from Miles Bridges, but Charlotte fans want to stick with the present.

Source: Basketball Insider


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