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After abruptly firing their rookie head coach, Adrian Griffin, the Milwaukee Bucks turned to the seasoned veteran Doc Rivers to help them save their season. Rivers has been around the basketball world more times than almost anyone – putting together a prosperous career as both a player and a coach.

But how much are the Bucks paying him to try and guide them to an NBA title? In this post, we discuss Rivers’ contract, his net worth, his coaching record, and more.

Doc Rivers Contract And Salary

In January, it was reported that the Bucks signed Rivers to a 4-year, 40-million dollar contract. This deal means that Rivers will be on the payroll through the 2026-27 season. With an annual value of ten million dollars per year, Rivers is now one of the five highest paid coaches (in terms of yearly salary) in the NBA.

Doc Rivers Net Worth

According to the website Celebrity Net Worth, Rivers is worth roughly 60 million dollars. While we don’t know for certain, we can assume that most of Rivers’ net worth was amassed through his time as a player and coach.

Rivers spent 13 years in the NBA (one as an All-Star) with four different teams (the Atlanta HawksNew York KnicksLos Angeles Clippers, and San Antonio Spurs). Unfortunately, we don’t have access to his entire career earnings during that time. Although, according to HoopsHype, we know that Rivers made about 7.9 million dollars from 1990 to 1996 (16.7 million when you adjust for modern inflation).

After retiring in 1996, Rivers didn’t start his head coaching career until 1999. He has been a head coach for an NBA team in every season since then. His list of teams coached during that time includes the Bucks (obviously), the Orlando Magicthe Boston Celtics (where he won his only NBA title), the Clippers, and the Philadelphia 76ers.

Like with his salary during his playing days, we don’t know his yearly salary for every year he’s coached. However, we do know most of it. According to Salary Swish, Rivers made two million per year from 1999-03, five million per year from 2003-05, 5.3 million from 2008-11, seven million from 20011-14, ten million from 2014-20, and eight million from 2020-23. Now, as we’ve already established, he’s making ten million dollars annually.

Clearly, all those paydays add up to a nice little net worth.

Doc Rivers Head Coaching Record

In 1869 career games, Rivers’ regular season head coaching record currently sits at 1100-769 (win percentage of 58.9%). With those marks, Rivers sits at 8th all-time in wins and 33rd all-time in win percentage.

In terms of the playoffs, Rivers’ record sits at 111-104 (51.6%). That gives him the 4th most wins in playoff history and the 43rd-best win percentage.

Doc Rivers Wife

Doc Rivers married Kristen Rivers in 1986. However, the couple divorced in 2019. The two have four children together. One is Austin Rivers (yes, the NBA player). His siblings are Jeremiah, Callie, and Spencer. They were/are involved in sports, and Callie is actually married to current NBA player Seth Curry (a player that Rivers once coached in Philadelphia).

Source: Basketball Insider


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