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2023-24 In-Season Tournament Trophy Shoot

2023-24 In-Season Tournament Trophy Shoot

The knockout rounds of the NBA In-Season Tournament are here, and the winners of the tournament that reaches its apex on Saturday will get $500,000 a piece and the satisfaction of knowing they are the first winners of an In-Season Tournament that looks like it will stick around for a while.

They also get medals and trophies, and the league unveiled those on Monday.

The In-Season Cup trophy, along with one for the tournament MVP, were a given and do look sharp. However, awarding a medal to each winner is different for an American sport and a nice touch. If this really does take off and become a regular feature of the NBA landscape it will have value going forward.

Having the All-Tournament Team award shaped like a basketball and made of crystal is a nice touch.

The NBA has hit all the right notes with the In-Season Tournament so far, it will be interesting to see how fans embrace these knockout rounds and the games in Las Vegas this weekend.

Source: Yahoo Sports


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