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Indiana Pacers head coach Rick Carlisle said he was shocked that Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant was not ejected after throwing the ball into the stands during the Nets’ win Friday night. After being fouled with 4:40 left in the third quarter, Durant threw the ball overhand toward the hoop, and it sailed over the backboard and into the crowd. “I think I saw Kevin Durant wind up and throw the ball overhand, 10 or 15 rows into the stands and not get ejected,” Carlisle said with a laugh after the game. “I think that’s what I saw. And so that was shocking.”
Source: The Athletic Staff @ The Athletic

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J. Michael Falgoust @ThisIsJMichael
So KD throws a ball into the stands in #NetsPacers …OK, officials claim they didn’t see it — hard to digest that one — but someone in the control center in NJ didnt see it? A team has a 50-pt lead with 3 seconds left, they’ll stop a game for 10 min to review a kicked ball🤦🏾‍♂️ – 3:09 AM

Emiliano Carchia @Sportando
Kevin Durant throws ball into stands, avoids getting ejection in Nets v Pacers…2:39 AM

Kurt Helin @basketballtalk
After game, referees admit Durant should have been ejected for throwing ball in stands…1:10 AM

Michael Lee @MrMichaelLee
Kevin Durant should have been ejected for tossing the ball into the stands. He got lucky the refs were napping but this chuck made me chuckle AM

Ohm Youngmisuk @NotoriousOHM
Ref Sean Wright via @Greg Logan on KD tossing ball into stands at 4:40 left in 3Q: “In real time, the official did not think ball entered stands with force. After seeing video postgame, we did see the ball did go into the stands with force and Kevin Durant should’ve been ejected” – 11:36 PM

Jason Anderson @JandersonSacBee
Q: “Did Rick Carlisle complain that Durant was not ejected?”
A: “He made mention of it.”
😂😂😂 PM

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
NBA pool report on Durant launching ball: “In real time, the official that made the call did not think the ball entered the stands with force. After seeing the video postgame, we did see that the ball did go into the stands with force and Kevin Durant should’ve been ejected.” – 11:30 PM

Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer
LaMarcus Aldridge said the team was telling him how close he was to 20K points. He told Kevin Durant he needed one more basket to reach it. KD wanted to be the one to deliver the assist, but they trapped him. Aldridge said he laughed after the basket because he knew he had it. – 11:13 PM

Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
LaMarcus Aldridge confirms that before he reached 20,000 points Kevin (Durant) told him, “I want to pass it to you.” – 11:10 PM

Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
Kevin Durant labels the Nets as an “unpredictable” team. – 11:01 PM

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
Kevin Durant on the Nets offense: “At times it can look bad, but for the most part, I think we’re generating solid shots.” – 11:01 PM

Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer
Kevin Durant said he was aiming for the backboard when he threw the ball into the stands. Didn’t know you could get ejected from throwing it and expects a hefty fine coming, but knows he earned it. “I didn’t know what I was thinking…” – 10:59 PM

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
Kevin Durant says he’s sure a hefty fine is coming for his throwing the ball into the crowd, but doesn’t mind because the league may use that money for a college fund: “I don’t know what I was thinking. I thought I was at a gym by myself.” – 10:58 PM

Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
Kevin Durant admits he should have never launched the ball into the stands tonight. He knows it could have costed the Nets the game. – 10:58 PM

Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
“There’s thousands of players that played this game. That’s a huge accomplishment — I know he wants much more, but this is a huge milestone for him.”
⁃Kevin Durant on LaMarcus Aldridge scoring his 20,000th point tonight. – 10:57 PM

Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
“I was trying to make stuff happen, but I can’t have seven turnovers — Got to keep learning and keep being a student.”
⁃Kevin Durant on giving the ball up 7 time – 10:56 PM

Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
“17 more shots than us? I don’t know why … for the most part we played good defense.”
⁃Kevin Durant on the Indiana Pacers attempting 17 more shots than the Nets. – 10:55 PM

Tony East @TEastNBA
Rick Carlisle just said it was “shocking” when he saw KD throw the ball into the crowd and not get ejected. – 10:18 PM

Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
FINAL: Nets 105, Pacers 98
James Harden (29 PTS, 8 REBS, 8 ASTS), Kevin Durant (22 PTS, 10 REBS), LaMarcus Aldridge (21 PTS, 8 REBS) & the Nets are back in the winning column. Brooklyn shot 41 free throws in the victory & when things got close, a 15-6 run to finish was enough. – 10:07 PM

Tony East @TEastNBA
Important stretch here as the Pacers cut the Nets lead to 5 with Durant and Harden on the bench. Jeremy Lamb has been the most consistent Pacer on offense this half, and he’s been big this frame so far. – 9:44 PM

Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer
End of the third quarter: Nets lead the Pacers 85-74. Brooklyn has taken control of this game a few times only to let Indy back in. Does that continue in the fourth? Aldridge has 12 points, Harden 24 and KD 22. – 9:34 PM

Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
End of 3rd QTR: Nets 85, Pacers 74
James Harden (24 PTS, 6 ASTS), Kevin Durant (22 PTS, 8 REBS) & the Nets are in cruise control. LaMarcus Aldridge (12 PTS) & Patty Mills (5 PTS) have provided a spark for Brooklyn in the period. The coast looks clear for the Nets to secure a win. – 9:34 PM

Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer
Aldridge is one of seven active players to reach the mark. At media day, Durant said when Aldridge suddenly retired, he was pissed because he knew how close LA was to the milestone. Was looking forward to seeing him hit it and he got to be on the court with him for it. – 9:31 PM

Michael Scotto @MikeAScotto
LaMarcus Aldridge just became the 48th player in NBA history to score 20,000 career points. He’s the seventh active player to reach that milestone, joining Kevin Durant, James Harden, Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook. PM

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
LaMarcus Aldridge is a machine. He makes 3 straight mid-range jump shots to give the Nets an 81-69 lead here in the 3rd quarter. KD fed him each time and is now up to 22 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists. Nets pulling away. – 9:27 PM

Dan Favale @danfavale
kevin durant held a mid-game souvenir giveaway and got t’d up for it PM

Scott Agness @ScottAgness
Surprised Durant wasn’t automatically ejected for throwing the ball into the stands. Intention doesn’t matter.
Remember Paul George accidentally kicking it into the stands, wide of the basket stanchion? – 9:22 PM

Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer
Kevin Durant hurled the ball into the stands after a foul blew a play dead. He gets a T. Steve Nash laughed. – 9:21 PM

Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
Kevin Durant just got a technical foul for throwing the ball into the stands. – 9:21 PM

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
Kevin Durant just launched the basketball into the crowd out of frustration. He’s been T’d up and Rick Carlisle is in disbelief. – 9:21 PM

Ohm Youngmisuk @NotoriousOHM
James Harden putting up Beard-like numbers. He has 21 points and has gone to the line 11 times already, making 10 free throws in first half. Harden and Kevin Durant (18 points) combined for their most points in the first half as Nets teammates per @ESPNStatsInfo. Nets up 58-55. – 8:59 PM

Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer
Halftime: Nets lead the Pacers 58-55. Harden with 21, Durant with 18. Nets are getting to the line more and the defense picked up in the second quarter. However, KD and the Beard have 39 of BK’s 58 points. They can use some more help. Paul Millsap has been fantastic. – 8:49 PM

Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
Half: Nets 58, Pacers 55
James Harden (21 PTS, 4 ASTS), Kevin Durant (18 PTS) and the Nets have erased a 16-point deficit. On their way to getting the lead, the Nets shot an absurd 27 free throws in just the second quarter. Brooklyn averages 18 free throws a game this season. – 8:48 PM

Bill Herenda @billherenda
Love the touch pass by Kevin Durant Surprised if we won’t see more of that — As @gchiesaohmy says, “The ball moves, the scoreboard moves” – 8:40 PM

Jeff Eisenband @JeffEisenband
Kevin Durant just detached Torrey Craig’s ankles from his body. PM

The Vertical @YahooSportsNBA
KD dropped ’em 🤯 PM

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
The Pacers are taking a 38-26 lead over the Nets into the 2nd QTR. Kevin Durant’s anklebreaker was the highlight of the period, but the Nets have been careless with the ball and have been bullied on the glass. Pacers attempted 6 more shots than Nets in Q1. Can’t win like this. – 8:10 PM

Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
End of 1st QTR: Nets 26, Pacers 38
Kevin Durant (14 PTS, 6-7 FG) James Harden (8 PTS, 2 3PM) and the Nets are recovering from another cold start. This is starting to get concerning. The Pacers came out shooting 71% from three and they’re outscoring Brooklyn’s bench 14-0. – 8:10 PM

Michael Gallagher @MikeSGallagher

Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer
Kevin Durant drops Torey Craig on a crossover and drills a 3. To quote George Costanza, “That was absolutely filthy.” – 8:08 PM

Tony East @TEastNBA
Watching Torrey Craig fight defensively on KD is incredible – 8:07 PM

Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne

Michael Pina @MichaelVPina
kevin durant. good heavens – 8:07 PM

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
Kevin Durant just went behind the back on a stepback that sent Pacers guard Torrey Craig crashing to the floor. Ankles snatched. KD just caught a body. – 8:07 PM

Quinton Mayo @RealQuintonMayo
Why doesn’t KD shoot threes any more? 😔 – 7:56 PM

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
Back-to-back turnovers for James Harden give the Pacers a 19-10 lead here in the 1st quarter. Kevin Durant assumes ballhandling duties the following possession. – 7:54 PM

Scott Agness @ScottAgness
Pacers have several favorable matchups, and they’ve deliberately gone inside for their first four shot attempts.
Of course, Pacers have no matchup answer for KD at the other end. Holiday on him first. – 7:44 PM

Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
The Brooklyn Nets starters versus the Indiana Pacers:
▫️James Harden
▫️Bruce Brown
▫️Joe Harris
▫️Kevin Durant
▫️Blake Griffin – 7:04 PM

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
The Nets will start James Harden, Joe Harris, Kevin Durant, Bruce Brown and Blake Griffin tonight against the Pacers. Very familiar lineup of players who were part of last season’s playoff push. #Nets7:04 PM

Scott Agness @ScottAgness
Asked about Kevin Durant, Rick Carlisle says “Some people’s abilities are beyond words.”
He has the upmost respect for him, an all-time great. – 6:24 PM

Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
Steve Nash says,
“It’s hard to not use Kevin Durant. There’s the choice to use him and there’s just the ball finding Kevin Durant because he’s just so difficult to defend — He’s just so good that he inserts himself.” – 5:52 PM

Kevin Durant @KDTrey5
#Swagger is finally here…Stream the first 3 episodes now on @appletv AM

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Jeff Zillgitt: Re: Trae Young’s $15K fine “for making contact with a game official” in last night’s game vs. Wizards. Hawks had three player techs vs. Wiz; frustrated most of the night, and Young expressed that frustration after game about new rule regarding “non-basketball moves.” -via Twitter @JeffZillgitt / October 29, 2021

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