Friday, October 22 2021

The Houston Rockets released a new documentary this week highlighting their recent stint at the NBA’s 2021 Las Vegas Summer League.

Published on the team’s YouTube page, the film features behind-the-scenes footage from practices and all five games, in which the Rockets went 3-2. Not surprisingly, the focus is on recent first-round draft picks Jalen Green, Alperen Sengun, Usman Garuba, and Josh Christopher.

Statistically, here’s a look at how each of Houston’s top players fared during their time at the NBA’s annual summer showcase.

  • Jalen Green (3 games): 20.3 points (51.4% FG, 52.6% on 3-pointers), 4.3 rebounds, 2.0 assists in 24.1 minutes

  • Armoni Brooks (2 games): 17.5 points (44.4% FG, 42.9% on 3-pointers), 4.0 rebounds, 1.5 assists in 24.7 minutes

  • Josh Christopher (5 games): 16.8 points (38.5% FG, 18.2% on 3-pointers), 4.2 rebounds, 4.2 assists in 27.2 minutes

  • Alperen Sengun (4 games): 14.5 points (43.2% FG, 37.5% on 3-pointers), 11.0 rebounds, 3.0 blocks, 2.8 assists in 25.0 minutes

  • KJ Martin (4 games): 12.5 points (47.6% FG, 31.2% on 3-pointers), 3.8 rebounds, 1.5 assists, 1.2 blocks in 28.3 minutes

  • Khyri Thomas (2 games): 10.0 points (27.8% FG, 36.4% on 3-pointers), 3.5 rebounds, 3.5 assists in 27.6 minutes

  • Anthony Lamb (5 games): 7.2 points (36.1% FG, 33.3% on 3-pointers), 5.4 rebounds, 1.8 assists in 23.2 minutes

  • Usman Garuba (3 games): 4.0 points (33.3% FG), 8.0 rebounds, 2.7 assists, 2.0 steals in 18.0 minutes

The summer league documentary can be viewed below in its entirety.


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