Sunday, October 1 2023

Should the Boston Celtics aim to trade for 38-year-old Philadelphia 76ers forward PJ Tucker? Per the staff of Bleacher Report, it should be a priority, if an unlikely one. “PJ Tucker just turned 38 and is extremely shot-volume shy. He’s also exactly what the Celtics need,” writes Bleacher Report’s Dan Favale.

“Tucker lets the Celtics downsize to one big without significantly harming their defensive presence near the basket and on the glass,” they add, noting that while he can’t match Robert Williams III’s rim pressure, “opposing teams have to respect his corner three when he’s actually firing away.”

The staff correctly assess this deal as an unlikely one given the two ball clubs are rivals in the same conference who both will likely have designs on contention next season.

But it would indeed be a target worth pursuing given Tucker is “great insurance against a suddenly harsher Al Horford aging curve, RW3’s injury history, and Grant Williams’ potential departure in restricted free agency.”

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