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Mike McCarthy, Bill Belichick & more head coach hiring cycle news | Inside Coverage

Jason Fitz is joined by Senior NFL Reporters Charles Robinson and Jori Epstein to go behind the scenes and give the how and why on the latest news around the NFL. The head coach hiring cycle is in full swing, and the trio kick things off by discussing Jori and Charles’ upcoming piece on the best and worst head coach vacancies around the NFL. The consensus is that Carolina is the worst, while Philadelphia and Dallas would be the best should they open up. That leads to a conversation around Nick Sirianni and Mike McCarthy, and whether the two NFC East coaches are safe or not (and whether they should be). Charles strongly believes Bill Belichick would not be a good fit in Dallas, but would be in Atlanta.
Jim Harbaugh interviewed with the Los Angeles Chargers, and Charles and Jori are both fairly sure he will return to the NFL this offseason given the rumors coming out of Michigan. The Chargers and the Atlanta Falcons appear to be the frontrunners.
New England Patriots Head Coach Jerod Mayo had his first press conference, and Jori had some key takeaways, including the fact that Mayo had it written in his contract that he would succeed Belichick (which is very rare). Charles was impressed with Robert Kraft’s clear vote of confidence in Mayo going forward.

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