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Fans throughout the internet have been calling out Stephen A. Smith to a double standard towards the allegations involving Josh Giddey having an inappropriate relationship with a minor. According to many people on social media, he’s yet to rip into the Australian star, which is unlike him. 

The ESPN host recently responded to all the “idiots” for commentating too much about the Thunder guard’s situation without really knowing what’s going on. According to the basketball analyst, everyone must respect the ongoing investigation before pointing any fingers.

The NBA is also exploring the allegations ever since the 21-year-old appeared in a video with a young girl who’s suspected of being underage, while Oklahoma City are still allowing him to play every night.

On his own podcast show, Smith told trolls to “shut the hell up” and stop bugging him about the subject. “There comes a time when prudence and responsible dialogue has to take place,” he said. “This man Josh Giddey is currently being investigated by the NBA. We don’t know who she was, we don’t know how old she was. We don’t know anything. We know there is an investigation going on.”

The ESPN expert warned all to be careful because anyone who opens their mouth too much can get sued. “That is all we know. We don’t know anything else. You know why Stephen A hasn’t said anything? Because you could get sued, idiots,” he expressed. “You don’t just go out there running your god damn mouth over something this serious.”

A video emerged this week where Giddey appears to be with the female inside a nightclub, which comes as proof that she’s either old enough to enter a bar, or lied about her age with a fake ID to get in.

You must be 21 to enter a nightclub legally, just as the age of consent in the United States is 18. “You use your social media accounts and go to Josh Giddey and flat out accuse him and state it as a point of fact,” Smith said. “Make sure you give him your name and address, too, because he could probably sue you.”

“You have to wait and see. We don’t have all the information,” he said before concluding. “My advice to you all is to shut up and do the same.”

The girl involved in the case has been refusing to speak to the police amid the ongoing investigation

The alleged minor who supposedly slept with the Thunder star and her family are reportedly refusing to talk to the police as they investigate the claims that first appeared on social media, as she herself posted a photo revealing she had sex with the Australian.

“The Newport Beach Police Department is aware of information being circulated online involving an alleged relationship between professional basketball player Josh Giddey and a female minor,” the cops said in a release. “The Newport Beach Police Department is actively seeking additional information related to these allegations and pursuing all leads and evidence to obtain the facts of the case.”

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“The Newport Beach Police Department aims to ensure a fair and thorough investigative process while maintaining the privacy and dignity of everyone involved. At this time, NBPD Detectives are still conducting an active investigation,” it reads.

Giddey is currently averaging 12 points, 5.8 rebounds and 4.5 assists in 17 matches so far this season for OKC, who are 11-6.

Source: Basketball Insider


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