Friday, October 22 2021

It’s been two months since since Leonard had offseason surgery on his right knee. Is there any chance he plays this upcoming season? “Nobody knows at this stage,” Ballmer said. “Nobody knows. It’s possible. For sure, it’s possible. But it will depend on what the doctors say and what Kawhi says.”

Source: Mark Medina @ USA Today Sports

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Mark Medina @MarkG_Medina
The Clippers break ground today on the Intuit Dome in Inglewood & will open for 2024-25 season. My chat with Clippers owner Steve Ballmer having his own arena, if the Clippers can win an NBA title at Staples Center & if Kawhi Leonard will play this season AM

Kurt Helin @basketballtalk
Clippers keep key players, keep path to contention open… once Kawhi Leonard gets healthy…5:22 PM

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Law Murray: Lawrence Frank on Kawhi Leonard: “Right now our focus is on his health. He had major surgery. He tore his ACL. So it’s gonna require a great deal of time and more support.” -via Twitter @LawMurrayTheNU / July 30, 2021

For something like a partial ACL tear, diagnosing that was important. What are the differences between knee sprains that affect the ACL ligament? DR. NGUYEN: So the grading scale is more of a guideline. Grade ones and grade threes are relatively straightforward in terms of treatment. The grade ones, usually non-operative, the grade threes are typically operative for elite athletes. Basketball players and soccer players, football players, are required to do a lot of cutting and pivoting. -via The Athletic / July 25, 2021

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