Wednesday, December 6 2023

Just last week, the Golden State Warriors traded Jordan Poole to the Wizards in exchange for Chris Paul. Poole spent four seasons with the team and was a part of their 2022 championship roster. Last offseason he signed a four-year, $128 million contract extension that the Wizards have since picked up. Recently, the Warriors made their true intentions known about Poole after they shipped him off the Wizards. 

Tim Kawakami of The Athletic had the report on how the Warriors really felt about Jordan Poole. Per his report, Golden State felt that Poole was “extraneous” and “inefficient”. His play in the 2023 postseason was far below the standard that he showed them a season prior to their championship run.

Sources said that the Warriors were not actively shopping Poole this offseason, but that certainly was not the case. He couldn’t even stay on the team until free agency started. Poole was no longer the right fit for Golden State and they moved on from the young guard.

The Warriors did not hold back on making their true intentions known about Jordan Poole

On top of being “extraneous” and “inefficient”, the Warriors wanted to detach themselves from his long-term deal. A season prior, Poole looked like he was in line to be the next generation of talent for the Warriors. This past October, the Warriors signed him to a four-year, $128 million contract extension.

It would be a contract the Warriors would soon regret. During the season, Poole got into an altercation at practice with veteran PF Draymond Green. The four-time NBA champ punched Poole because he was reportedly being cocky about his newly signed contract.

On top of this, his efficiency dropped in both the regular and postseason. In 2021-22, Poole shot (.448) from the field and (.364) during the regular season. During the 2022-23 regular season, he shot (.430) from the field and (.336) from deep.

His postseason numbers are where he struggled the most. In the Warriors’ championship run in the 2022 postseason, he averaged (17.0) points per game. During the 2023 postseason, he averaged only (10.3) points per game. Poole also shot (.391) percent from deep in 2022 and (.254) from deep in 2023. A drastic difference. All this piled up on top of each other and the Warriors felt it was in their best interest to trade Poole.

Source: Basketball Insider


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