Monday, December 4 2023

Generally speaking, most former NBA players are not all that crazy about comparing players from one era to another given how rule changes and styles of play allow for certain kinds of players to excel in one era, but in others they might not get off of the bench. But that did not stop Dennis Rodman from a feeble attempt at slandering Boston Celtics rival Larry Bird recently.

“If Larry Bird played in this era, I think he’d be in Europe. He’d be somewhere over there,” began Rodman, perhaps still smarting from when The Hick From French Lick put him in his place during their playing days.

“His game was fit for Boston at that time in the ’80s,” added the former Detroit Pistons star. “Today’s world — oh, (expletive), no. There’s no way”

“I’m not downplaying him because he was a great player at that time, just like I was,” claimed Rodman. “But I’m saying no, there’s no way — I think the kid from Denver is better than (Bird).”

It’s unclear what kid from presumably the Nuggets roster is better than Larry Legend, but we’ll assume he means Nikola Jokic given the frequent comparisons between the two. We also think he is wrong.


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