Thursday, December 7 2023

The Spurs had quite the agenda this weekend for newcomer Victor Wembanyama, as he has much to learn before the season starts and he’s expected to dominate the NBA. No. 1 overall pick in last week’s draft was invited for a special dinner to meet with some of the most important legends from the Texan franchise. 

“I learned more in one hour of dinner than in my entire life about the NBA,” the French sensation said afterwards. Wembanyama had just sit down with none other than Tim Duncan, David Robinson Manu Ginobili and Sean Elliott.

The 19-year-old landed in San Antonio and he’s already posed with his new No. 1 jersey and went over to the AT&T Center to shoot some hoops for the camera.

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After all the frenzy around the 2023 NBA Draft, team manager Brian Wright admitted that they recieved many proposals from other franchises in the league, but he always knew that they’d embrace Wembanyama in Texas.

“Some general manager was giving us an arm in return,” the GM admitted. However, the team knows that the seven-foot-four athlete has the potential to break down barriers and records in a way that no other player has done before.

The good thing is, Wembanyama knows this and doesn’t cave into the demand. “I don’t feel the pressure. I want to be the best in everything I do,” the rising star assured.

Nevertheless, everyone knows he won’t be able to accomplish his goals on his own, and the club’s legends are there to give him guidelines to fit in easier into the Spurs squad. During the famous dinner, the former stars talked to him about the culture of success that lasted for decades.

“In a few hours they taught me everything,” the 19-year-old recalled. “It’s spectacular to feel like these people are so important to the city of San Antonio, and they’re so appreciative and so generous to the franchise, they’ve started to take care of me already.”

The franchise knows they now have the task to turn all this excitement into hard work as the expectations are soaring high

“Obviously this day is one of most rewarding parts of the job,” the Spurs’ GM said after the draft was over. “Starting with draft night to see the happiness, the joy of the players, the families, the friends, the coaches, everybody that played a part on their journey up to this point, that’s very rewarding to see that affirmation, to see the culmination of this event.”

When it comes to leaving all the buzz behind, turning the page and begin to work hard, Wembanyama is the first to state he’s ready to soak everything up like a sponge.

“I will learn fast and I know the NBA is complex, but I want to win,” he said during the draft in Brooklyn.

The French sensation will be coached by none other than Gregg Popovich, the same trainer that led those legends to five NBA championships from 1999 to 2014.

Source: Basketball Insider


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