Thursday, December 7 2023

LSU basketball sensation, Angel Reese, has added another feather to her cap. She recently took home BET’s Sportswoman of the Year award, adding to her growing list of accomplishments. Even as she basks in this prestigious recognition, Reese is also making waves in the digital realm, appearing in a PlayStation commercial promoting the much-anticipated game, Final Fantasy XVI.

Reese Named BET Sportswoman of the Year

Angel Reese’s win as BET’s Sportswoman of the Year came as no surprise. Over the past season, the young star has been instrumental in the LSU college basketball women’s team’s victory march, including their triumphant win over Iowa in the NCAA Tournament finals. These impressive performances played a significant role in her NIL valuation, now pegged at a hefty $1.6 million, according to On3’s NIL valuation. This is the highest value for a women’s basketball player.

She graciously accepted her BET honor on Twitter. Her emotional message read, “Thank you BET! So sad I couldn’t be there but I really appreciate this! This means a lot!”. Her absence was due to her commitment with the USA Women’s Basketball team.

Angel Reese in Final Fantasy XVI Commercial with George Kittle and Alphonso Davies

Meanwhile, off the court, Reese’s star continues to shine. Thanks to her sparkling persona and formidable skills, she’s becoming a much-coveted brand ambassador. Her latest collaboration, with PlayStation, involves promoting the brand’s new release, Final Fantasy XVI. She stars in a commercial alongside big names like the NFL‘s George Kittle and USA soccer international Alphonso Davies.

The game, part of the iconic Final Fantasy series, has been eagerly awaited by gaming enthusiasts worldwide. Reese’s appearance in the commercial introduces her to a whole new audience, further enhancing her market value. The ad also features an impressive lineup of celebrities alongside those already mentioned, including Olympian Suni Lee, and soccer star Gabriel Martinelli.

Set to Team Up with Hailey Van Lith in 2023

On the court, things look promising for LSU and Reese next year. The transfer of former Louisville star, Hailey Van Lith, adds yet another dynamic to the team. Van Lith is full of praise for Reese, describing her as a star who’s supportive and encouraging, a testament to Reese’s positive influence on the team.

Notably, Reese’s rise to fame and her growing NIL valuation is linked to her established brand and persona. Fondly known as “Bayou Barbie,” Reese has embraced the NIL era with open arms. From promoting hair care brands to partnering with Mercedes-Benz of Baton Rouge, Reese’s brand endorsements cover a wide range, and her reputation continues to grow as fast as her trophy cabinet.

From winning BET’s Sportswoman of the Year to featuring in a PlayStation commercial, Reese is making her mark. It’s clear, Angel Reese isn’t just changing the game; she’s setting a whole new standard.

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