Monday, October 2 2023

On a recent episode of his podcast, “Podcast P”, Paul George did a hilarious impersonation of NBA on TNT analyst Charles Barkley. George’s impersonation is almost spot on, poking fun at the TNT analyst for his announcing style.

The eight-time NBA All Star started a new podcast earlier this year with the purpose of letting fans get to know him off the court. George’s goal on the new venture is to shed light on the authentic version of himself and the podcast serves as a way for him not to shy away from his personality.

On the podcast, George delivers his perspective without sugar coating any of his opinions.

Now, George is showing his comedic side with his latest Barkley impersonation. In the clip, George absolutely nails the take down to the very sentence and tone.

Check out Paul George’s impersonation of Barkley below.

Podcast P with Paul George

Many NBA players are starting to introduce their own podcasts. Like J.J Reddick, George is introducing himself on his podcast giving insight on his life in the NBA.

George is currently playing on the Los Angeles Clippers and recently opened up about his mental health struggles. In his first ever episode, George shared anecdotes from the time he played Kobe Bryant.

Hosted alongside his two best friends, Dallas Rutherford and Jackie Long, the trio have big plans for the podcast. In addition to covering topics around sports and entertainment, George is looking to have many guest speakers, including some of his own Los Angeles Clippers teammates. One teammate fans are hoping for is Russell Westbrook, who is George’s longtime close friend.

Paul George’s Makes Shocking Confession on Podcast

In many of his episodes George has been candid about himself and that has led to some controversial moments.

In fact, George once admitted that he does not like to take the first shot in a game.

While most NBA players love taking the first shot, George has a different attitude towards the first offensive possession.

Though it might be a shocking statement to hear from the NBA All Star, George has admitted that he doesn’t consider himself “the guy” anymore and has understood his role as the number two or possibly three guy at the age of 33.

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