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You might think leaving the court in a wheelchair would be alarming for fans, coaches and players all around, and even more if you’re rooting for the Lakers. Nevertheless, just the thought of it appeared to be incredibly amusing for basketball analysts and former NBA stars Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal. 

The “Inside the NBA” co-hosts were not able to contain themselves from laughing over the fact that Anthony Davis suffered a head injury and was led to his locker room needing a wheelchair, as broadcaster Ernie Johnson reported live on air.

Take a look at the scenes as Shaq and Chuck simply can’t stop laughing and try to hide it with poor excuses:

“Here’s the play Kevon Looney catches Anthony Davis in the face,” Johnson started by pointing out the play in which Davis was hurt. “And he was shaky walking off the floor. In fact, it was reported by Chris Haynes that he was put in a wheelchair and wheeled to a room.”

According to TNT’s Chris B.Haynes, the Lakers center had to be escorted to the locker room because he was feeling dizzy after the clash with Looney.

Moments later, O’Neal and Barkley went into a chuckling craze, which shocked both Kenny Smith and Johnson at the TNT desk. The two Hall of Famers tried their best to hide it, as the former Magic star said: “I’m laughing at Chuck.”

With a grin from cheek to cheek, Barkley passed the responsibility back to his co-host.”Shaq is over there crumpling up paper. That’s why I was laughing,” he assured while not being able to maintain a straight face.

Both analysts are now under fire after mocking the Lakers star live on TNT

There’s good news for Los Angeles fans, as coach Darvin Ham said that their star center is feeling much better, but doesn’t rule out the fact that Davis might still miss Game 6 of the series against Golden State.

“Obviously everyone saw he took a shot to the head, but we just checked on him,” the trainer said. “He seems to be doing really good already. That’s just where he’s at. That’s the status of it right now.”

Check out the play when Looney’s elbow collides with the Lakers player’s face:

[embedded content]

The internet went into a meltdown after Shaq and Chuck burst into tears, laughing about AD’s potential concussion on live television.

One fan tweeted that this would never happen inside a NFL panel of analysts. “Imagine NFL analysts doing this if Patrick Mahomes got a concussion in the playoffs. Literally laughing at him. This is disgusting,” he wrote.

Another said how much respect he’s lost for the NBA Hall of Famers. “Incredibly disappointed in both Shaq and Barkley. You’d think being former players that they’d empathize with a guy seemingly needing serious medical attention for an on-court injury that ANYONE would’ve sustained but… Disgusted and disrespectful behavior all around,” the post read.

We are still awaiting Davis’ final evaluation to see if he will be available for the next clash of the series this next Friday night, as the Lakers still lead 3-2.

Source: Basketball Insider


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