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Winning Defensive Player of the Year in the NBA is not an easy task and the battle was extremely close this season. The two favorites throughout this season have been Memphis’ Jaren Jackson Jr. and Milwaukee’s Brook Lopez. However, some DPOY votes from national media members may have been leaked online. If they are true, neither Jackson Jr. nor Lopez is in the lead for DPOY. It’s actually Cleveland’s Evan Mobely who has six first-place votes if the leaked votes are real. 

The leaked DPOY votes sent NBA Twitter into a rage yesterday and many are questioning how Evan Mobely has more first-place votes than Jaren Jackson Jr. or Brook Lopez. Mobley is a solid player for sure, but is he deserving of winning DPOY this season?

Betting lines are closed for DPOY, but Jaren Jackson Jr. ended as the favorite. Evan Mobely seems to be ahead of the pack in the leaked votes we’ve seen online.

Leaked DPOY votes have Evan Mobley with the most first-place votes (4) of any other player

Evan Mobley had another strong season for the Cleveland Cavaliers after making the all-rookie team last year. He was top 25 in rebounding and top 10 in blocks per game this season, playing in 79 of their 82 games. Leaked DPOY votes show that Mobely currently has the first-place votes of any player in the league.

He’s ahead of Jaren Jackson Jr. who was the betting favorite to win the award for most of this season. Jackson Jr. led the league in blocks per game (3.0) this season and this is his second year in a row doing so. The one-time all-star has two first-place votes compared to Mobley’s four at the moment.

Voting for DPOY is certainly not finished yet and there’s still time for Jackson Jr. to receive more first-place votes. However, there is a chance that Mobley steals the trophy this season. The award should be announced later this month. Marcus Smart was awarded DPOY last year near the end of April.

Source: Basketball Insider


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