Monday, December 4 2023

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Jake Fischer and Dan Devine are back with their first episode after the end of the 2022-23 NBA season and that means…it’s trade season! The guys talk through the trade rumors and whispers and the value of guys like Bradley Beal, Chris Paul and Zion Williamson.

Jake Fischer and Dan Devine kick off this week’s No Cap Room with a celebration of the Denver Nuggets and some stories about the team employees that nobody ever sees but get to celebrate the championship all the same.

After that, we dive head first into trade rumors. The Wizards and Bradley Beal are looking for a trade partner, so the guys discuss what his value should be and a couple of teams that could end up being fits for him.

Chris Paul and the Suns are also looking for a trade partner, but it’s also likely that he’ll become a free agent in two weeks, so why would any team give up anything to get him now?

Jake reports that the Chicago Bulls have been calling teams to see if they might be interested in Zach LaVine, but the asking price that they have is way higher than it should be. The guys discuss LaVine’s value before deciding that he’ll probably just stay with the Bulls.

Finally, we bring back the vibe check and check in on the Philadelphia 76ers, who are waiting with baited breath to see what James Harden decides to do this offseason before they know how they’re going to build next year’s team around Joel Embiid.

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