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NBA star Anthony Edwards has been setting social media alight since Monday. The Timberwolves player hit the headlines after Instagram model Paige Jordae claimed Edwards paid her $100,000 to have an abortion. These claims came to light after Edwards’ girlfriend, Jeanine Robel recently posed for a photo shoot that was posted to her own Instagram.

Who is Anthony Edwards’ Girflriend, Jeanine Robel?

Jeanine Robel was born on January 24, 1994, in Atlanta, Georgia, and was raised in a Christian home. Robel and Edwards have been dating for at least 10 months, first confirming their relationship after a Timberwolves game against the Houston Rockets in early 2023.

Edwards, known for his candid nature, has spoken about Robel’s growing influence in his life. He has been vocal about his commitment to her, emphasizing her importance in his life and dismissing advances from other women​. However, the latest bomb from Paige Jordae may call this into question.

Robel recently posed in a pregnancy photo shoot on her Instagram, going so far as to post ultrasound pictures of her and Edwards’ baby.

This might have prompted Jordae to share the alleged texts she received from Edwards telling her to get an abortion as he was not ready to be a father. She also shared a screenshot of a bank wire of $100,000 that she alleges came from Edwards to pay for the abortion.

Robel Previously With Cheef Keef

Interestingly, Robel has been previously linked to rapper Chief Keef, with whom she shares a son named Krue. Despite the end of their romantic relationship, Robel and Keef reportedly maintain a friendly relationship, co-parenting their child.

This aspect of her life adds another layer to her profile, highlighting her role as a mother and her ability to navigate complex, high-profile relationships.

This current situation has placed both Robel and Edwards in a challenging position, balancing their personal lives with the scrutiny and speculation of the public and media. As the story unfolds, the impact on their relationship and personal lives remains to be seen, with the public eagerly watching for developments.

Source: Basketball Insider


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