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The first round of the 2023 NFL Draft had plenty of surprises, but none more shocking than Will Levis’s tumble out of the first round after the Kentucky quarterback was widely expected to go near the top of the draft.

Levis’ draft fall quickly went viral on social media, especially on the heels of an ESPN report citing a toe injury that had concerned some teams. As cameras kept cutting to him sitting in the draft’s green room, an interview from earlier in the draft process surfaced in which Levis predicted the exact situation he wanted to avoid with gut-wrenching accuracy.

Levis had been heavily linked to the Colts at No. 4 overall, with some even connecting him to the Texans at No. 2 or the Panthers at No. 1. Instead, those three teams selected the other three quarterbacks in the top tier of signal-callers in this year’s draft class — Anthony Richardson, C.J. Stroud and Bryce Young, respectively.

Other teams thought to be in the market for a quarterback in this year’s draft, such as the Seahawks, Lions, Raiders, Titans and Vikings, all took prospects at other positions in the first round.

So why did so many teams pass on Levis? While the Kentucky quarterback was never a game-changing superstar in college like Young or even Stroud at times, there may have been something else in play. Colin Cowherd said Friday on “The Herd” that from what he had gathered from sources, Levis’ tumble has more to do with who he is off the football field.

“I’m told Richardson came across more humble and grateful in interviews and that lots of coaches thought Will Levis and Anthony Richardson both needed fixing and one would be easier to fix with a much higher upside,” Cowherd said. “Will Levis comes across as a little cocky. He loves his arm, he loves the gun show, which I hated. The sleeveless shirts are not a good look. 

“I was told by two executives and a head coach that was an absolute turn-off, showing the biceps. Quarterbacks, go look at the history of them. They don’t look like that. Will Levis loves Will Levis.”


NFL Network also reported Thursday that teams were indeed turned off by Levis’ personality during the pre-draft process.

Plenty of other theories floated around social media as to why Levis fell so far from where he expected to be picked, including several references to his odd habit of putting mayonnaise in his coffee and eating bananas without peeling them.

Levis is not staying around for day two of the NFL Draft, per Kentucky Sports Radio.

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