Thursday, February 22 2024

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Buying and selling a team from every division with Mike Tannenbaum | Zero Blitz

Jason Fitz is joined by former NFL GM Mike Tannenbaum to give his unique perspective on the NFL by going through every NFL division and giving a team Mike is buying stock in and one he’s selling from each. Fitz and Mike go in-depth on the Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions, Buffalo Bills, Chicago Bears and more before finishing things off with “Tannenbaum’s Top Tier:” the four teams Mike thinks have the legs to win the Super Bowl this season.
Later, Fitz is joined as always by another former GM, Michael Lombardi, to discuss the topics Michael thinks are flying under the radar this week: the Los Angeles Chargers and their inability to win close games, the Detroit Lions and Jared Goff’s career revival and the red zone troubles which have been a problem for offenses league-wide this season.

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