The National Hockey League has two players named Sebastian Aho, one on the New York Islanders and one on the Carolina Hurricanes. Odd enough as that is, it gets even more wild. 

Both Ahos scored goals on the Thursday night, at almost the same time, in different games. Yup, you read that right. 

The Islanders’ Aho, a defenseman with a limited role on the team, scored at 7:14:40 p.m.on Thursday. The Hurricanes’ Aho, an All-Star forward, scored a goal at 7:15:14 p.m. on Thursday. The two players have no relation, but clearly both have a sixth sense when the other is also scoring a goal.

The goals were scored just 34 seconds apart:

Here is a look at both goals:

The whole situation becomes even more rare when you learn Aho of the Islanders only has three goals in his 53 career games. Of all the days to score, he does it on the same day — in nearly the same minutes — as the other Aho. 

The Islanders were facing the Columbus Blue Jackets at UBS arena, and in part thanks to the goal from Aho, went on to win 5-2. The Hurricanes shut out the Montreal Canadiens 4-0. Carolina’s Aho also had an assist on the night.