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All students at Armstrong High School in the Pittsburgh area have been banned from attending the school’s hockey games and a specific group of students faces disciplinary action after an ugly incident at a recent game in which vulgarities and sexually-charged chants were directed at the female goalie on a visiting team.

The incident occurred at a game on Oct. 28 when Armstrong played Mars Hockey Club.

According to a report by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, an estimated 50 to 60 students sat together and made chants at the Mars goalie, who has served as her team’s starter in all five games this season. Some of the chants were sexually explicit, as the group at one point yelled “Suck our d—-” towards the goalie.

Speaking to the Post-Gazette, Armstrong principal Kirk Lorigan stated that he was “appalled and embarrassed” with the students’ actions while also expressing disgust that neither Armstrong parents nor security personnel attempted to stop the chants.

“We’re continuing to investigate because there were several kids there and we’re still trying to identify them and who the ringleaders were for this,” Lorigan said. “It’s certainly an unfortunate and embarrassing situation. Armstrong High School has to identify those students and a decision will be made as to what the consequences will be.

“In my mind, this should’ve been stopped immediately by anyone that was there who has any moral value at all. I’m disgusted by it … There were a lot of people there who could’ve handled this differently.”

Lorigan has apologized to Mars assistant principal Jess Semler on behalf of the school and also personally apologized to the goalie herself. The goalie, whose identity has been left confidential, is the only goalie on Mars’ roster and currently plays at both the JV and varsity levels.

“We’ve had plenty of girls in this league before and never heard anything like this,” Mars coach Steve Meyers said. “With all the training we’re required to do as coaches about safe sports and sportsmanship, this should not happen. For it to fail this badly, it’s really disappointing.”

According to the Post-Gazette, a meeting between the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Hockey League and Armstrong’s hockey board to discuss the situation and potential discipline for students was scheduled to be held Wednesday night.