Wednesday, February 1 2023

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Women at NASA say Artemis program is making history

STORY: Women at NASA are excitedto make history in the Artemis programThey’ve been part of preparationsto test the agency’s next-gen rocketand send an uncrewed capsule around the moonIf all goes well, NASA wantsa woman to walk on the moon as early as 2025(Chelsea Partridge, Assistant Engineer Orion Spacecraft)”I mean, when we think about Apollo, we landed men on the moon, but we haven’t landed a woman there yet. You know, actually being a part of the mission that will put the first woman on the moon, that’s just so exciting. This is something that’s going to be taught in history books someday.”(Shannon Walker, Astronaut)”I really struggle for words because I was four years old when we first walked on the moon, and I remember my parents taking me and my older sister out in the backyard and pointing to the moon and saying, “We’ve got people there”. And ever since then, I’ve wanted to be an astronaut and I am an astronaut. And now, having that amazing rocket out on the launch pad, it is just so, I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it. Just, it’s amazing. It’s hard to describe.”The Artemis program aimsto establish a long-term lunar baseIt will be a stepping stone toeventually send astronauts to Mars

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Cubs vs. Blue Jays Highlights


Two Ravens players return to practice on Monday

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