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La Liga took its first post-Lionel Messi steps when Valencia and Mallorca kicked off the Spanish season.

The campaign will run deep into May, when Real Madrid and Barcelona will hope to dethrone Atletico Madrid to reclaim La Liga bragging rights.

Below you’ll see the first three weeks of the Bundesliga schedule plus notable derbies including El Clasico.

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Below is the full La Liga table and schedule.

La Liga 2021-22 standings

La Liga scheduleLa Liga schedule

La Liga schedule

La Liga 2021-22 schedule

Matchday 1 — Aug. 13-16

Valencia 1-0 Mallorca
Mallorca 1-1 Real Betis
Cadiz 1-1 Levante
Alaves 1-4 Real Madrid
Osasuna 0-0 Espanyol
Celta Vigo 1-2 Atletico Madrid
Barcelona 4-2 Real Sociedad
Sevilla 3-0 Rayo Vallecano
Villarreal 0-0 Granada
Elche 0-0 Athletic Bilbao

Matchday 2 — Aug. 20-23

Real Betis 1-1 Cadiz
Alaves 0-1 Mallorca
Granada 1-1 Valencia
Espanyol 0-0 Villarreal
Athletic Bilbao 1-1 Barcelona
Real Sociedad 1-0 Rayo Vallecano
Atletico Madrid 1-0 Elche
Levante 3-3 Real Madrid
Getafe 0-1 Sevilla
Osasuna 0-0 Celta Vigo

Matchday 3 — Aug. 27-29

Mallorca 1-0 Espanyol
Valencia 3-0 Alaves
Celta Vigo 0-1 Athletic Bilbao
Elche 1-1 Sevilla
Real Sociedad 1-0 Levante
Real Betis 0-1 Real Madrid
Barcelona 2-1 Getafe
Rayo Vallecano 4-0 Granada
Cadiz 2-3 Osasuna
Atletico Madrid 2-2 Villarreal

Matchday 4 — Sept. 11-13

Levante 1-1 Rayo Vallecano
Athletic Bilbao 2-0 Mallorca
Espanyol 1-2 Atletico Madrid
Osasuna 1-4 Valencia
Cadiz 0-2 Real Sociedad
Real Madrid 5-2 Celta Vigo
Getafe vs Elche — 2pm ET Monday
Granada vs Real Betis — 4pm ET Monday

How to watch, stream La Liga in the USA

How to watch: ESPN
Live updates: Here at

Matchday 5 — Sept. 17-20

Celta Vigo vs Cadiz — 3pm ET Sept. 17
Rayo Vallecano vs Getafe — 8am ET Sept. 18
Atletico Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao — 10:15am ET Sept. 18
Elche vs Levante — 12:30pm ET Sept. 18
Alaves vs Osasuna — 3pm ET Sept. 18
Mallorca vs Villarreal — 8am ET Sept. 19
Real Sociedasd vs Sevilla — 10:15am ET Sept. 19
Real Betis vs Espanyol — 12:30pm ET Sept. 19
Valencia vs Real Madrid — 3pm ET Sept. 19
Barcelona vs Granada — 3pm ET Sept. 19

Matchday 6 — Sept. 21-23

Getafe vs Atletico Madrid — 1:30pm ET Sept. 21
Athletic Bilbao vs Rayo Vallecano — 4pm ET Sept. 21
Levante vs Celta Vigo — 4pm ET Sept. 21
Espanyol vs Alaves — 1:30pm ET Sept. 22
Sevilla vs Valencia — 1:30pm ET Sept. 22
Villarreal vs Elche — 4pm ET Sept. 22
Real Madrid vs Mallorca — 4pm ET Sept. 22
Granada vs Real Sociedad — 1:30pm ET Sept. 23
Osasuna vs Real Betis — 1:30pm ET Sept. 23
Cadiz vs Barcelona — 4pm ET Sept. 23

Matchday 5 — Sept. 25-27

Alaves vs Atletico Madrid — 8am ET Sept. 25
Valencia vs Athletic Bilbao — 10:15am ET Sept. 25
Sevilla vs Espanyol — 12:30pm ET Sept. 25
Real Madrid vs Villarreal — 3pm ET Sept. 25
Mallorca vs Osasuna — 8am ET Sept. 26
Barcelona vs Levante — 10:15am ET Sept. 26
Rayo Vallecano vs Cadiz — 12:30pm ET Sept. 26
Real Sociedad vs Elche — 12:30pm ET Sept. 26
Real Betis vs Getafe — 3pm ET Sept. 26
Celta Vigo vs Granada — 3pm ET Sept. 27

Matchday 5 — Oct. 2-4

Villarreal vs Real Betis
Getafe vs Real Sociedad
Osasuna vs Rayo Vallecano
Elche vs Celta Vigo
Mallorca vs Levante
Granada vs Sevilla
Cadiz vs Valencia
Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona
Espanyol vs Real Madrid
Athletic Bilbao vs Alaves

Madrid derbies

Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid — Dec. 12
Atletico Madrid v Real Madrid — May 8, 2022

El Clasico

Barcelona v Real Madrid — Oct. 24
Real Madrid v Barcelona — March 20, 2022

El Gran Derbi

Real Betis v Sevilla — Nov. 7
Sevilla v Real Betis — Feb. 27, 2022

Basque derbies

Real Sociedad v Athletic Bilbao — Oct. 31
Athletic Bilbao v Real Sociedad — Feb. 20, 2022

Barcelona derbies

Barcelona v Espanyol — Nov. 21
Espanyol v Barcelona — Feb. 13, 2022

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